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Thread: 200 do follow SB sits

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    200 do follow SB sits

    I have a list of 200 do follow and no approval needed social bookmarking sites , and i think this worth a big money. but i do not know how much it values, would somebody give me advice?
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    Um, are you selling this list, if so how much?

    Or are you only asking for advice? Why are you asking for advice in the marketplace?

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    I left it here in case he's entertaining offers.

    Diet Fads

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    Are most of these pligg sites? What are the PR and age of the sites?

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    Again, like directory lists and forums lists and blog lists, any list of social media sites will have a heck of a lot of sites that are not that well visited.

    So be careful when buying or renting such lists.
    It might be useful only for a potential backlink.
    But traffic? Nah....

    And remember, again like all the lists noted above, a page ranked site may just be the main page.
    And not the inner page where your link will end up.

    That is why I ignore all lists.
    Except to check out the sites to see where there are traffic wise.
    If decent traffic, keep.
    If not, delete.
    And come up with my own little list of directories, blah blah...that have actual traffic.

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    Even for backlink purpose this list is good, rather than selling the list why dont u use it to offer a service, at marketplace we are all with wallets to buy a service, right

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