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Thread: 200 Social Bookmarks at just $6

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    Talking 200 Social Bookmarks at just $6

    Hello people,

    Your sites will be bookmarked in HIGH PR Social Bookmarking sites including DIGG, MIXX, DELICIOUS, DIIGO, STUMBLEUPON, PROPELLER, TWINE and the such.

    The pricing is just $6 for 200 Social Bookmarks !!!

    Why you should be placing an order with us?

    ---> We create new accounts for all of our clients that places order for at least 3 sites. After the work is over, we will be giving you the username and password of the accounts, so that you can use them for your needs ! And then those accounts are yours forever !!!

    ---> We create fresh accounts in every social bookmarking site after we submit 3 sites in an account.

    ---> All social bookmarking sites will be with PR of at least 1 - yes, at least PR1 for sure !!

    ---> Fast turnaround :- For correct turnaround time, you should be contacting me through pm, depending on the number of orders in the pending list, I'll be giving you the turnaround time. BONUS :- If you don't get the work report within the specified time, you'll get FULL MONEY REFUND + 10 % of total amount !!!

    To get, current turn around time, visit

    ---> We offer special pricing to our regular clients. Your username will be displayed in our website (, along with the number of sites for which you placed orders. Depending on the number of orders, you'll be getting discounts for your future orders.

    ---> The more you order, the more benefits you get. In addition to the benefits that you get for your sites, you'll be getting real cash prizes (which will be paid through paypal) - based on the number of orders that you place with us. Every week, top three clients (that orders most number of social bookmarking orders) will be getting cash prizes worth $20, $15, and $10 respectively.

    (The prizes and other such things may change from time to time, you will be getting up-to-date details regarding these things, from our website

    Whats the secret behind such LOW PRICES ??

    ---> Highly qualified experienced workers, PLUS excellent working atmosphere and infrastructure for delivering quality work at the right time !!!

    Below are the things that you should be sending me while ordering :-

    1. URL :
    2. Title : (up to three can be given)
    3. Description: (up to three description can be given)
    4. Tags: (up to three tags can be given)
    5. Email: (for sending report of the work)

    For placing orders, you may send me these details through PM and also through the form that you will find at our site


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    Quote Originally Posted by bozonessinc View Post
    Any Review Copies?

    I have already given a review copy to a reputed member that contacted me through pm. No problem, I'll give one to you as well.

    You may visit our website :- - and fill the form - and in the final column enter - "review copy + your username"


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    Quote Originally Posted by bozonessinc View Post
    Submitted my information
    Yup, I got the required details. You'll be getting the report of the work today itself.

    Quote Originally Posted by MeetHere View Post
    any more review available at lower price?

    I can give you a FREE review copy. Just fill the form at our site :- - and in the final column enter " REVIEW COPY +your NB username ".


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    placed my order on

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