200+ Followers!

I will help you build at least 200 Twitter followers by going through and following at least 1,000 other Twitter users on your account over the duration of two weeks.

I will go through and add about 75 people/day to follow on your account (if I miss a day I'll do 150 the next day...etc...).

I have not offered this service before, but I have tested it myself to try to see what the numbers would look like and I have been very happy to see about a 25% return. About 1/4 people I follow will follow me back, even with a small (not popular) profile. So, if I follow 1,000 people for you then you should get about 250 followers in return.

Today, I setup an account to see the return:
Twitter / xy7millions

View the stats on TwitterCounter:
TwitterCounter Stats: We Track & Analyze @xy7millions

Pretty awesome huh?

Purchase now through PayPal ($10)