Hi there NetBuilders!

If you have a blog, nothing's going to put off human visitors more than seeing "0 Comments" on every post. I'm offering a good value, good quality blog commenting service which works like this:

The Standard Commenting Plan (you can request modification)
Please note that these posts are made by a human (that's me) and fully designed to mimic natural blog commenting which is why this is done over 7 days and over various hours of the day.

The 21 replies will be from approximately 10 virtual commenters, where a virtual commenter (VC) is just a make-believe person. Each VC will make one or more comments. About 7 will comment just once and about 3 will make 2 or more comments, to different posts. Each comment will refer to the post content and/or to a previous replier's comment in a natural way.

The VCs have their own variation in style in terms of grammar, age group and gender based on what's suitable for your blog.

If your blog requires an email address, a fake one is put in. If required, each email address can be the same so you can identify real visitor's addresses from paid ones (without needing to refer to the Project Progress report mentioned & shown below).

Replies will start from the day the order is confirmed. Replies will start slowly if your blog has few or no comments already, and be spread out over all or most of the seven days.

You will receive an image of the Project Progress report just after beginning (so you can see the names of the VCs), about half way and at the end of the job. An example has been attached. This will identify the posts which have been paid for by this service.

If the above plan needs modifying, you can let me know, otherwise just send me a link to each post (max 7) and I will start.

Example Post
Say you have a post talking about tips for traveling on planes:

"Right on. Here's one from me...For years I've always packed a neck cushion for long flights. It sure makes sleeping a whole lot easier. I forgot it once. Agh! Never again!"

Not short or long, just enough to contribute to the post.

You will benefit from being established at NetBuilders. If you have more than 30 posts, you can pay after the job is complete (7 days) because I assume that you would not want to tarnish the reputation that you have built up here. If you have fewer than 30 posts, you will need to pay before the job commences. I think you will agree that that is a fair system. The amount again: Just $7, via PayPal.

For that reason there are no review offers. If you've got over 30 posts, give it a try and if you're unsatisfied (absolutely unlikely BTW) just let me know why and you won't need to pay anything. Simple!

Example (Live) Progress Report

Here's the full size image link.

I look forward to working with you. Please feel free to post any questions or comments.


PS Is [WTS] the correct prefix for this post? Thx.