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Thread: 25,000 Unique Visitors - $12.00

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    Smile 25,000 Unique Visitors - $12.00

    Traffic's from Unique visitors originating from AdWords, AdBrite, Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon, TinyURL, ImageShack and several other popular sites.

    - Worldwide Visitors (Please PM me for Country Targeted Prices)
    - Guaranteed Delivery Or You'll Get A Refund
    - Real-Time Delivery Stats

    Please send $12.00 payment by PayPal to and then PM me with your URL and PayPal Transaction ID.

    Our inventory at this price is limited. If you would like bigger packages than what we are offering here please contact me via PM. We also have country targeted traffic and adult traffic. We can give discounts on bulk orders.

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    Can you supply 25.000 Unique visitors to a youtube video?

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    any review packages?

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    Review Offer

    A Review Offer is available for 10,000 Visitors. Please send me your URL and I will be happy to set up a campaign for you.


    Quote Originally Posted by Hellas View Post
    any review packages?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stacytaylora View Post
    A Review Offer is available for 10,000 Visitors. Please send me your URL and I will be happy to set up a campaign for you.


    sending you needed data.

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    A Review Offer is available for 10,000 Visitors. Please send me your URL and I will be happy to set up a campaign for you.
    Is that available to everyone or only Hellas?

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    New offer

    *New Offer* Buy 2 Campaigns and Get 1 Free

    I have a wide range of campaigns available.

    Country/Niche Targeted Campaigns

    10,000 - 1,000,000 Visitor Campaigns

    30 days of Unlimited Unique Visitors

    PM/Email me for details.

    Review packages are available for $8 for members with 10 iTrader or more.

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    I am interested in your offer, I may need USA, UK, Canada and Europe traffic to my site on regular basis, through out the month Average 10000 Uniques daily.

    Quote me your best price.

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    Here is my review of this service.

    I got 10k visitors as a review package
    and I decided to use it on a brand new site that manage 20 UV dialy.

    FAQ Nation

    Right after start of the promotion package visitors started to coming. I suppose they were real visitors since they increased page impressions on adsense.

    Here is what analytics showed up:

    Analytics say that 4200 visitors are given from his ad site.
    AW stats say that 8100 visitors are given from his ad site.
    Adsense say there was 8200 page impressions for the site.

    Analytics say that most of the traffic I get are Russian and Ukrainians with 3-4% of Indians.

    People actualy stayed on site for a while. So they visit time averaged at 1.45.

    Since it was untargeted traffic (general site - they claim they can get you targeted traffic) I don't had success in converting the traffic to the money, since no one clicked on adsense.

    I am planing after vacation to pick certain post and to buy package traffic for it with aim to try to convert it, but it is not my main worry.

    And here are images from my analytics:

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    Thanks Hellas!!

    US,UK,CA,AU,EU Targeted Campaigns Available

    25,000 Visitors- $25

    100,000 Visitors- $90

    US only

    25,000 Unique Visitors- $36

    100,000 Unique Visitors- $130

    Larger campaigns are available at discounted prices, just tell me how many unique visitors you need.

    You will be able to pick 3 categories from the following list:

    Arts & Humanities
    Shopping & Automotive
    Entertainment & Games
    Women & Family
    Music & Film
    Business & Economy
    Health & Fitness
    News & Reference
    Regional & Travel
    Computers & Internet
    Education & Careers
    Recreation and Sports

    You will get a Username and Password and a link to follow after your campaign is set up. This will allow you to monitor your account.

    Thanks for your time,
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