I need a large quantity of 300 word articles to promote a car rental website. The articles must be informal but informative, with information about a particular locality, for example Birmingham.

The emphasis of the article is on car rentals, car hire, van hire etc, but each article must relate to the city in question, as well as general motoring terms and subjects relating to driving in the UK.

These are SEO-focussed articles but the keywords will be added later, so the articles need only to be;

1. Focussed - on driving/motoring/hiring cars... in Birmingham ...in Liverpool ...in Cardiff etc (emphasis on the location is critical)
2. Original - ABSOLUTELY no plagiarism
3. Well-composed - I should only need to edit them to insert keywords, not correct grammar and spelling!

I need 20 articles per week and I will supply the locations that I need you to focus on. I will pay only via PayPal upon receipt of each batch of work (20 articles).

Please reply with prices and an idea of when you can start. An example page can be supplied as a guide to what I'm looking for.