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Thread: 3000 BackLink Service 3$

  1. 3000 BackLink Service 3$

    3000 Backlinks for only 3$ or ono

    A report will be send via PM

    Paypal is the only payment option accepted.

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    plz PM me details

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    Where do these backlinks come from? Can you provide more detail, as to what it is that we will really be getting.


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    I need to know where you are getting these backlinks and then i may consider your service.

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    Please send me more information regarding your services.

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    I agree, I recommend you people to ignore this thread, You will never find this many backlinks for such a cheap price and if you do it won't be quality and Google will hate you.

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    PM me details

  8. where you get those backlinks matter a great deal as something questionable could get a domain name blacklisted..
    Hmmm. might be interesting for some additional links to my competitor...they keep ranking above me one or two spots and I would love to give them some great backlinks this way.
    Need links? Try AuthorLinks where you can buy or sell links based on Authorship and Klout score. Check out my blog or like me on Facebook.

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