Not written by me, written by my team.

In all honesty though, I've sold this package to a few people and here's what they've had to say.

I'll put up a few more tomorrow. Here's the quick scoop on what you're getting for your 100$

35 articles of 300 words which includes

1. Formatting which promotes scanability and improves reading.
2. Proper grammar and interesting content (my writers are INTERESTING people see the correlation?)
3. A turnaround of 5 days max, usually 2-3.
4. Customer service unlike any other, I work extensively with almost everyone whos ever bought content off me.

Here's a quick sample;

The benefits of purchasing online include the practicality of not having to go to the high street retailers or transport to another physical area to buy what you need.

Buying a TV from a retailer involves the unpleasant necessity of transporting a bulky item from the retailer to your home or TV destination. Parking fees, fares, petrol, or toll fees are extra expenses.

Online shopping continues to be a growing industry and one that proves to survive the recession. With the ability to research about products and services, you can find good deals with competitive prices. More to it than that, the TV set will be delivered to your home.

So if you're interested in this deal well then it couldn't be easier;

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