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Thread: 400 One-way links-100%qality links-with money back guarantee.

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    Smile 400 One-way links-100%qality links-with money back guarantee.

    hello netbuilders member's,

    We 'll submit your site link in high pr sites (pr9 to pr1) there are no pr0 site. We 'll use pure white hat technique for your site submission so you don't have to worry about your submission.

    Our one way link submission features:

    €€ Time around: 4day's

    €€ Detailed report with exact link location of your links with login detail, so you can see your link very easily and verify our report in 10 minutes maximum.

    €€ All are pure white hat submission's.

    €€ We have 3 years experience of this (seo) work

    Our packages are below:

    100 link $25

    200 link $45

    400 link $85

    Offer: 25% discount for first 3 order's.

    payment accept paypal.

    If you are interested please send pm or post here your order....

    Please Check: Here is previous review about our one-way links service:

    Quote Originally Posted by obi1kenobi View Post
    My Review:

    I tried a review package of 100 links for 25% off.

    The service took just under 24 hours to complete. maria7190 sent a spreadsheet listing all the created accounts, profiles and links. They were all created on various pr3-9 websites. Login details of the profiles/accounts were also given.

    All in all an excellent service!

    Quote Originally Posted by WhatupG View Post
    I give it the thumbs up. Super fast, great communication and service, no problems or drama.
    Quote Originally Posted by gypsy777 View Post
    Just received the report. Work has been completed at a high standard and ive already noticed SEO improvements so im happy.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mitchel View Post
    Great communication, fast service, and i am very happy to use this service because
    maria submit my site link in high page rank websites all are pr3+, defiantly use
    again...highly recommended for every one
    Quote Originally Posted by stevehnsn View Post
    Ordered 100 links for review. Service was delivered quickly. The links are on social bookmarking and social news sharing sites. All sites are dofollow . All in all a pretty good service. I received what I expected. Thanks.
    Quote Originally Posted by gypsy777 View Post
    REVIEW: 200 link package has delivered. Friendly communication and service and close attention to detail. Up there with the best of them.
    Quote Originally Posted by yoink*gasp* View Post
    Report received, some accounts I logged in and verified. Everything is in order.

    Have been receiving spiders/bots to both sites all day. There are probably 70-80 "crappy" link sources, and probably lots that use the "dofollow" goodness. However, there are also lots of good link sources in the list he sent me.

    Overall, I'm impressed. Will use again.
    Quote Originally Posted by HowardRoark View Post
    Great service, good price. Will do again, thanks.
    Quote Originally Posted by somlor View Post
    quick results, detailed report, some of the links did not go through, many of them are weak, but they are legit links, i think this is a decent service for the price.

    Quote Originally Posted by gypsy777 View Post
    Ordered 400 link package. Waited a while to let some of the links get picked up before reviewing it. Jumped from page 4 to page 1 for a couple of my target keywords within around 2 weeks so pretty happy. All the work was completed in a timely fashion and a comprehensive report was sent through. Recommended.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sussib View Post
    I ordered 100 links (for my 2nd website) and service was great. Fast communication and will probably be using in the future again. Recommended!
    Quote Originally Posted by sitemap View Post
    I paid this guy to rank me on the first page for a highly competitive keyword. I didn't think he would come through and would be sweating with excuses, however sure enough he came through and delivered at #10.

    Took a while but he didn't stop even when I though he gave up and disappeared for a minute. Then he messaged me out of nowhere with the rankings.
    Quote Originally Posted by bitsdawg View Post
    I got my reports, and they were very professional and prompt. These look like social bookmarking/article websites.

    Effects so far?


    The harder keywrod hasn't budged It is still on the bottom of page 1, but it didn't drop.

    The easier keyword moved up to the top of page 1 from the middle.

    So this service is fine, and it should give you a boost on an easier to moderate keyword., or on a page that isn't even indexed.

    And even though it didn't seem to budge a tougher one, it didn't hurt either - and there may not have been time for all of these pages to get crawled.
    Quote Originally Posted by klinmaximus View Post
    HI Maria7190,

    I want to use your service again,400 links, because I was pleased first time ....
    What is the price?

    Thank you
    Quote Originally Posted by blagojad View Post
    Work was done very fast good report checked 80% of links with a small bot I created for the price I paid I'm very happy recommended.
    Quote Originally Posted by zingo View Post
    Did 400 pack, with exception for a few links missing it is all good.. Will be putting in another order.
    Quote Originally Posted by josephmorris90 View Post
    Received 100 links to one site, another 100 to another site, I am very pleased with the service.
    Quote Originally Posted by divine23 View Post
    I just got my report a few day's ago and everything looks very smooth, the report is very professional and I have checked nearly about 100 links randomly really very good stuff, 'll definitely use this service again .....
    Quote Originally Posted by mont7071 View Post
    Just got my final report, all links appear to be live and formatted correctly.
    Quote Originally Posted by manopb View Post
    Received report; the information was clear, concise, and delivered on time.

    The results were very good! Achieved page 1 for the 2 keywords I wanted them to work with. This was in a competitive professional market. I recommend their service and I will be using them again.

    Thanks maria7190!!
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    I am going to offer 50% discount as a review for first two orders, please pm or post here your order...


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