We are presently few weeks before we LAUNCH our network of social bookmarking sites. As a special offer, we give you our cheapest "50 bookmark package". All links are do-follow and are direct links (not those kinds of links that are do-follow but are redirected).

Package 1
No of URLs: 5
Price: $15
Turnaround time: 1 day

Package 2
No of URLs: 10
Price: $25
Turnaround time: 1 day

Package 3
No of URLs: 25
Price: $45
Turnaround time: 2 days

Reports will be provided after the service has been rendered.
Three (3) review copies available. (Package 1 for only $5!)

*Majority of the sites we're using are owned by us. It's a network of social bookmarking sites hosted in different IP addresses. No sites in the network share the same IP address. Also, membership on these sites are private and the number of members are kept to a minimum to prevent spamming and maintain quality of links.

PM me for more information