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Thread: Alexa rank Reduction Service | WhiteHat | No PTC | Hurry to Claim Dscount

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    Alexa rank Reduction Service | WhiteHat | No PTC | Hurry to Claim Dscount


    I am Offering Alexa Rank Reduction Services.

    What Will I Do ?
    I will Reduce the Alexa Rank of your Website to a Very Low Level. This level depends on the current Rank of your Website or Forum.

    How much will it Get Reduced ?

    If Your Current Alexa Rank is Infinite It Will come up to 1,50,000 in 1-2 weeks. Thereafter the rate will become slow and it will get under 100k in 2 more weeks. Will Stabalize at some limit varying from 30k to 100k.

    If your Current Rank is Anywhere around 500k to 1000k, then You can Expect a Really Good Reduction in Your Alexa Rank. It will Come to 130-150k In One week.

    Then It will come to 100k in another Week. Then within a Month it will stabalize at 30k (somwhere near).

    Will You Use PTC ?
    I will definitely not send any ptc traffic in any manner. Infact PTC doesn't affect Alexa Rank At All. Moreover, there will be no increase in your current Traffic at your WebSite. If your traffic is above 100 hits per day I will make alexa realize that you get more traffic that 97% of the website which are above you. If you are an expert webmaster you would easily understand that 100-300 UV is enough for 30-50k Alexa Rank.

    Some People might that i use some frame or pop under script to generate traffic. This is Absolutely not the Case.

    Once i You have purchased the service, i will openly show you what have i done i will not touch your main site at all. This service is totally in terms with Alexa's TOS.

    We'll this is natural. Many people will think this is BlackHat. Its your right. Think whatever you want. If you would like to get your doubt cleared before thinking just reply to this thread.


    1. I need Access to Your cPanel. Just File manager/FTP will not do.
    2. It shouldn't be an Adult Website.

    This service is not temporary. It is Permanent. Your Alexa Rank will never drop untill your Site(server) is Repeatedly down.

    Visibility of Results:

    The Results will be Visible in 1-2 days, depending on the first Alexa update for your website.

    Price: 25$ (12$ for the first Customer)
    I Accept AlertPay. If You are Willing to pay by PayPal, please add me to yahoo or send me a mail.

    Contact me: PM me, Yahoo Messenger-rohitink, E-Mail Me: Hotmail

    I have not sold any service at DP yet. This is my First. As i have no iTrader many people would Doubt me. So I Would Work on a Half Payment Before Work and the rest after you are Satisfied.

    Note: I have never done this service in the Past. I wanted to keep the secret till myself. But since now i have no money this is the best thing i could sell.

    This Method does not involve Yahoo Answers, Spamming, Commenting, Forum Posting or Similar in any manner. Method is absolutely WhiteHat. It Doesn't violate any of the Terms of services of


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    Have you tested this service on your own sites? Have you seen results?

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    yah show us some sample u done .....

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    Least you could have done is removed the reference to DP....hahahahhahaha
    But really, what is the worth in alexa rankings?
    And getting low alexa rankings?

    Like the old days of not too long ago, gaming alexa by false traffic, bots, etc.
    Alexa found out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5starpix View Post
    Have you tested this service on your own sites? Have you seen results?
    Yes, I have Tested This service. But My Clients Want to keep the Deal Private So I can not Disclose their sites.

    Quote Originally Posted by SonnyCooL View Post
    yah show us some sample u done .....
    I Have sent you PM.

    I Offer Money back if the Method doesn't work for you. I have Verified PayPal account.

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    I can Not Disclose any work i have done. I keep my client's sites' private.

    If you have no trust on me then i can do work at 50% rate for you. You can pay the rest 50% once you are satisfied.

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    main issue is i don't trust u access my cpanel

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    Quote Originally Posted by SonnyCooL View Post
    main issue is i don't trust u access my cpanel
    Then Simply Give me FTP. I hope there is no trust required !

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    Quote Originally Posted by rohitink View Post
    Then Simply Give me FTP. I hope there is no trust required !
    ftp is strong enough to kill or ruin everything on my site ...... serious u want deal, i can do the deal but no FTP, Cpanel access, risk is too high for me

  10. Our servers don't have either cPanel or FTP.
    Submit Your Webmaster Related Sites to the NB Directory
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