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  1. #1 - "Your One Stop Content Shop" <<<

    Quality content - It's what we all desire.

    Reasonable prices - It's what we all hope for. - It's where you can get both.

    __________________________________________________ ___________


    • Content is delivered with proper formatting, unique style and personality, emotion and written with a certain passion and flair which only comes from years of expression and thought.

    • Turnarounds, they're quick. That's all I'm willing to say. If needed up to 15 000 words can be written in one day (24h).

    • Prices are at a CONSTANT 2 cents/word - this works in your favor. As usually the prices are from 3-4 cents per word. Bulk pricing is available for orders of 20 articles or more.

    • Lastly, First come, first serve.

    Quote Originally Posted by 5starpix View Post
    I received my article in a decent amount of time.

    Quality is A++, it was written in good English with good grammar. Orthography was perfect as well, I now know where to look when I need quality content!

    Thanks a lot for the article!
    Quote Originally Posted by sam View Post
    Here is my review of the article Koncorps gave me.
    I got the article read through it all and I didn't find any noticeable grammatical errors. It also read well and I didn't at any time get bored while reading it which is good considering it is a topic that doesn't really interest me. He also put the headers and sub headers on there for me which is alwayus a plus for me when a person writing articles for me. It also passed Copy Scape which is also all ways a Plus.
    Thanks a lot for the free review.
    Quote Originally Posted by Shenron View Post
    Sorry for my late review but I've been very busy.

    Koncorps provided me with a quality article (topic was gardening) without any blatant grammar mistakes nor spelling typos.
    Considering I'm always looking for content, I think I'll add him to my 2010 team.



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