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Thread: Anyone good with php

  1. Anyone good with php

    Hey everyone,

    I have a few small php scripts I need done, looking for an experienced and inexpensive coder
    Please pm with a sample from your latest project, or a portfolio site, thanks

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    I'd recommend you use and outsource the jobs.

    • you can interview candidates and only hire someone if you want to, you're not forced into anything
    • the candidates have taken proficiency tests in subjects like English, HTML, and PHP
    • you can pay AFTER the jobs are complete, so no risk to you
    • you can post either FIXED PRICE or HOURLY jobs (fixed price is great for programming projects)
    • insanely cheap people from India / Philippines with decent English skills who do excellent work

    I'm good with PHP but have even outsourced projects that I didn't have time for and was very impressed with the cost (like $2-3/hr in most cases) and quality of code.

    FYI - there's lots of similar sites to oDesk, I'm only recommending it because of my own positive experiences.

  3. yeah I use freelancer sites a lot, but would rather get someone from the forum

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    I can take the job but I will be free until monday, PM me the details.

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    Can you PM me the details mate? I'm trying to start building up my portfolio, I have done a few scripting these past few months and would want to improve.

    I'll see if I can do the job or not, thanks. If you want a sample I can give it to you.
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    Hehe, gotcha Good luck! I'm sure there's some awesome folks on here too.

    Quote Originally Posted by DomainMagnate View Post
    yeah I use freelancer sites a lot, but would rather get someone from the forum

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