I made a thread over at DP (shown below), anyone have any recommendations?
The project:

Using this script: WordPress › Are PayPal WordPress Plugins I intend to make a paid blog that gives access to the blog, a task list and some other features.

I need you to develop a feature that will allow the user (once logged in through wordpress) to add tasks to a to-do list that they can 'tick off' what they complete during the day.

When creating a task, the user should enter: 'task name', 'task description', 'due by' (enters hours or days).

On the users task page it displays all their tasks that they entered above, the most recent tasks showing first.

Each task in this list should show the title, description and how many hours until the task is due. Users can also click 'done' or 'delete'.

Overdue tasks should show up highlighted in red.

When 'done' is clicked on a task it disappears from the list.

This is a basic overview of the project. If it can be completed within the week I would be grateful, two weeks at the most. Payment will be made once I am satisfied with the work.

Do you have the skills required to complete this task? Please get in touch with me, we will agree on a fair price, you will go away and make this, show it to me, I will most likely be satisfied with the work (if it's what I described above), I will upload it to my blog and once everything's working ok I will send you the payment plus a little extra if everything turns out ok.

Looking forward to hearing from you,