Alright, slight exaggeration. Your article will not be submitted to 2,500 article directories. Your article will be submitted to every directory (out of the 2,500 article directories on the list) that a) is still working b) has a relevant category.

I have quite literally just finished submitting "Is Canned Fruit Healthier Than Fresh Fruit?" It was submitted to a total of 350, relevant and working, article directories. It is slowly being approved at each of the article directories, and I am hoping to see some good results.

Fruit Nutrition Facts was ranking #7 before this all started. It's jumped up to #6. Whether or not this is just a coincidence, I don't know. I'll let you be the judge, and I'll let you continue to track its results.

For a 5'er, you can have your article submitted to relevant article directories within hours. You've got my guarantee that your article will start to be approved at the article directories within 24 hours of having paid.

I'll start offering the writing shindig later, once I've got my crew a little more trained up. So, for now, if you're interested - I'll need to grab the following off you:
  • Article title.
  • Article body (300-700 words - don't worry, this is just a guideline for a higher approval rate).
  • Resource box (contain up to 2 links).
The article title and article body can be spun. Use the {|} syntax, and I'll get that sorted for you.

I'll do ONE free review copy (provided that a review is actually left) for someone who I think is deserving of the service. I will send a report to this person, to help them out a little.

Everyone else, you can PayPal me a 5'er, and I'll get that article submitted fo' ya. PM me if you're interested.

Order 10 or more, and I'll charge ya 4 bucks each.