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Thread: Article Submission Service Wanted

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    Post Article Submission Service Wanted

    I am looking for someone who can submit my articles for me.

    PM me with the following info:

    1. Where each article will be submitted and how many article directorys will this be submitted to.

    2. The cost per article, and the cost for 20 articles

    4. If each article can be submitted with a different domain (for example a health article being submitted with and then a car article being submitted with or similar etc)

    5. If I will get my own account and email to login etc and make changes (or not). Will I be able to pick the Pen name and do i get one pen name or more?

    6. Will you also submit the article via RSS as well or not

    7. Proof of submission & acceptance to each article directory

    8. The delivery time

    Notes: I do NOT want articles to be written or re-written, ONLY submission services.

    Article must be submitted EXACTLY as I give it to you, any changes must be pre-approved by me.

    Also submitted articles will remain my copyright and cannot be re-used in any way shape or form without my explicit consent.

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    I can do this work for you ..I would be charging you $2 for submission to each directory, if you intends to give me long term & regular term work. This price is also for 20 articles. I can accept all your terms & conditions...Payment through paypal...Kindly let me know your response in this regards..

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