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    Thumbs up Article Marketing Services - Awesome Reviews - $6/Article Only - Top 25 Directories

    I'm offering Article Writing + Submission service in Top 20 Article directories. I'll write articles about your niche and will submit it into all 25 article directories.

    Packages Detail:

    Package 1:

    5x400 articles(written by me) to 25 article directories $35

    Package 2:

    10x400 articles(written by me) to 25 article directories $65

    Package 3:

    15x400 articles(written by me) to 25 article directories $90

    Directories List with Page Rank

    1. 6
    2. 6
    3. IdeaMarketers 5
    4. Article Dashboard Directory 5
    5. Article Blast 5
    6. Sooper Articles 5
    7. 5
    8. Triond 5
    9. Article Compilation 4
    10. 4
    11. Snipsly 4
    12. 4
    13. 4
    14. Articopia 4
    15. Xomba : A Writing Community 4
    16. InfoBarrel 4
    17. 3
    18. Amazines.Com 3
    19. 3
    20. 3
    21. Artipot 3
    22. ArticleMS 3
    23. Ultimate Article Directory 3
    24. ArticleHubber 3
    25. TheContentCorner 3

    Payment Via Paypal

    ===============Check Awesome Reviews Below ====================

    Originally Posted by Shenron
    Just sent another order - 5 * 20 - $35

    A lot more will follow as your service is awesome!

    Originally Posted by Will.Spencer
    Just posted another request to you.
    Originally Posted by budhi1976
    Received your service (article + submission) really satisfied, gonna order for more.

    I am updating your iTrader now.

    Originally Posted by Derek
    received promised articles on time...
    Originally Posted by Shenron
    Another great service!

    Ordering more atm.
    Originally Posted by 1901gt
    Great service!
    I will order more soon.
    Originally Posted by Charles
    Sturat, you'll be getting quite a few more orders from me in the future. I am very satisfied with your work, and efficiency levels.
    Originally Posted by budhi1976
    Just received the articles I ordered the other day also the submission confirmation. Totally satisfied.

    Be ready Sturat, there will be a lot more orders coming.....
    Originally Posted by DomainMagnate
    Excellent service, just had another 10 articles done, thanks
    Originally Posted by Shenron
    Yet another order completed.
    Sturat provides an excellent service, by far the best I've used in this area.

    Another order on the way!
    Originally Posted by oilfield
    I received mine

    Great work and i just ordered again!
    Originally Posted by Shawn
    We are happy with the articles, submission and timing.

    Thank you.
    Originally Posted by Hellas
    Great service Sturat. Thank you. You helped me a lot.
    Your articles are great.
    Originally Posted by DomainMagnate
    thanks, another 15 articles done well!
    Originally Posted by tmongy
    Just received my order of 10 articles, thanks!

    Excellent and quick service
    Originally Posted by sam
    I brought some articles from Sturat and they are great quality would defiantly recommend him and was a quick turn around time. I will look forward to buying from you again in the near future.
    Originally Posted by dennis12
    For anyone thinking of ordering articles, Sturat is very good, honest and reliable. I have ordered hundreds of articles based on other recommendations and now I am happy to compliment Sturat for the great work. Anyone considering ordering should give Sturat a try; highly recommended!!!!
    Originally Posted by Jenny
    thank you for your service,tha article is just we want!
    Originally Posted by GeeOne
    Reliable and satisfying services.
    Good luck.
    Originally Posted by Flightnurs
    Please check your PM
    Thanks for your thorough response via PM, and I've placed an initial order for 10 articles/20 directories.

    Just wanted to drop by with an update. OP's completed my initial order for 10 articles and I'm very happy with the quality of the articles and will definitely be ordering more on an ongoing basis!
    Originally Posted by greenbio
    Sturat has done an amazing job with our articles. We've ordered 25 to date and I'm sure we'll order more. They're very well written, lots of great content/keywords and excellent turnaround time. Overall, fantastic!

    Thanks Sturat!!
    Originally Posted by Hellas
    Sturat is magnificent. Few days ago I ordered one package from him and following thing happened .

    I started to get bunch of trackbacks (30+) from unknown blogs to my blogposts, since they looked very strange, closely like posts from article directories, I spam them with akismet.

    After 3 days Sturat sent me report, and I realized this is his article on some article directory, and all these guys copied article from there with my link in it.

    Yeah links were not so great quality but I saw some of them are in 300k alexa range and with PR.

    This did not happened on any article directories submissions I used before!

    Shame I deleted all trackbacks I could provide link so people can see it.
    Originally Posted by Sami4u

    A Review

    I have never used a service like this before. I did not know what to expect. I jumped right in and I was amazed. The work was of the utmost quality. My niches for some people seem hard but he concord the task with flying colors. I would highly recommend his work.
    Articles were well researched.

    The best recommendation to anyone in business is a happy repeat buyer.

    So I placed an order for 5 more.

    Butterflies Forever

    Originally Posted by madvillain
    Sturat completed the service exactly when he said he would and the articles were of excellent quality!
    Originally Posted by Yefim247
    I have used Sturat service a while ago, and I definitely will use it again!
    Highly recommended.

    Originally Posted by spondishy
    Great service as usual... Thanks.
    Originally Posted by natthapol
    I ordered the package#4. I am very happy with all the articles.

    High quality articles, fast ,and reliable.

    I highly recommend this service. (^_^)
    Originally Posted by javanx3d
    Thanks again for the excellent service! I'll be getting your next order ready.
    Originally Posted by tetrapak
    Great service. I've been sent screenshots and Excel list of links, which were partial, but I've got a clear explanation on the process that the missing articles will only be approved within 2-3 days.
    Originally Posted by joso162
    I am very pleased. I recommend you to everyone
    Originally Posted by akki313
    Good service.. Got report within turnaround time he mentioned..

    Will use it again for sure..
    Originally Posted by Szise
    Good work, nice and serious person, i'm satisfied with the result, recommended.
    Quote Originally Posted by lucky6man View Post
    So far sturat has written 60 articles for me. i have to say, every single one is fantastic. he has been willing to work with me regarding special submission instructions and has great customer service. I plan to use him as my main article writer for now on. I will be sending more articles his way! Thanks Sturat!
    Quote Originally Posted by tech2 View Post
    Excellent job done by Sturat. Will use your service again for sure!! Regards tech2
    Quote Originally Posted by juice33 View Post
    I've placed several orders with Sturat now and been exceedingly happy. Not only is the quality of work great but Sturat is more responsive than most people I've ever hired. He gets back to you right away, does what he says he will do when he says he will do it (if not sooner). I highly recommend using this service but at the moment I'm more worried Sturat will get too busy to continue with my orders.

    Quote Originally Posted by proweb View Post
    Surat, first I want to say thank you for your fast and professional service. It's great to work with people like you.

    I received a full report with all the submitted articles and I really love your service.
    Certainly will come back to you with other orders!

    Thanks again!!!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by GeeOne View Post
    Sturat's services are 100% result oriented.

    Good communication, reasonable, professional and very very reliable.

    Certainly hight recommendable.

    Good luck Sturat and thanx for nice work, will work again soon.


    Quote Originally Posted by Sami4u View Post

    I just got another super job from sturat. Work was well done and professional.

    If you are looking for someone with quality work deal with this guy.


    Quote Originally Posted by kickingback77 View Post
    Sturat did some work for me in 2009 and I'm planning on getting some more from Sturat next month. Does a great job and the articles are well written

    Elbrus Consulting - Expert marketing of your E-commerce business - Home

    Quote Originally Posted by Leftfield View Post
    I would gladly pay him to write this comment too . An excellent, fast and reliable. Real Rarity!

    Hellas, thank you for the recommendation
    Last edited by sturat; 3 January, 2012 at 12:03 PM. Reason: Easter Discount :)

  2. I'll give it a try it with 5 articles to 20 dirs, pm your paypal and what details you need.
    btw why were you banned on DP?

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    Thanks for First order here. I changed my Email in DP profile. They deactivated my account and didn't reactivated it. I created new one. They banned both.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sturat View Post
    They deactivated my account and didn't reactivated it. I created new one. They banned both.
    One should always happy to be taken away from H*ll.

    (I'll be ordering your services in a couple of hours, please expect my PM)

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    I didn't get PM from your side.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shenron View Post
    One should always happy to be taken away from H*ll.

    (I'll be ordering your services in a couple of hours, please expect my PM)

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    Quote Originally Posted by sturat View Post
    I didn't get PM from your side.
    I know, I still have to publish 9 articles to a new site.
    You'll get one today.

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    Join Date
    Dec 2008
    Redmond, Oregon
    Would you be available to write 4-5 short paragraphs no more then 100-150 words each would be for a new old site dont need the submissions yet.

    Reverse IP Check ಠ_ಠ Proxy Sites
    <?php if ($youask == 'stupid question') { echo ('stupid answer'); } ?>

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    Send me detials. I'll do that.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Bill View Post
    Would you be available to write 4-5 short paragraphs no more then 100-150 words each would be for a new old site dont need the submissions yet.

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    Order sent!
    Please expect more work from me as this one gets completed.

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    I would like to try the "3 unique articles(written by me) to 10 article directories $20" package please.

    Please let me know what you need.

    thank you

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