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    Articles and Back-link Services Is Open For New Orders
    Unique 400 Word Articles and Distribution Services
    If you are looking for unique articles by an English speaking writer, is your best option!

    Let’s forget the sales pitch. Here is the bottom line:
    • ArticlePenguin has some of the lowest prices in the industry, especially for bulk orders.
    • The quality of our articles are top notch (see examples on our page)
    • We deliver at lightning speed.

    With four years of experience, writing over 5,000 articles and building over 12,000 links, Article Penguin should be your first choice when it comes to article production and distribution services.

    We offer the lowest prices in the industry:
    • 5 Unique 400 Word Articles – $30
    • 10 Unique 400 Word Articles – $55
    • 20 Unique 400 Word Articles – $100
    • 50 Unique 400 Word Articles – $200
    • 100 Unique 400 Word Articles – $350

    These are HIGH quality articles. We Guarantee Unique Content and Quick Delivery.

    Distribution Services:

    ArticlePenguin also offers to manually distribute your articles to 10-15 of the top article directories (i.e. Ezine, Goarticle, Articlesbase) at a very reasonable price of $3.00 per article.

    These directories ONLY take manual submissions, UAW and other automated submission services will not get you into these high quality directories!

    For more details, visit the site, view example articles, and chat with a live representative.
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  2. On your website, under the order form, there's "I accept terms and conditions" checkbox. But when I click the link, there no terms and conditions page...would be nice to know the terms...
    Common sense ain't common.

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    thank you for pointing this out, should be changed soon.

    Edit: Fixed and viewable
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    I now offer a high quality article distribution service, and have edited the above post to reflect this

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