Here's what some people say about me.


Received reports, job completed as promised. Actually over-delivered, got 16,000+ backlinks. Would recommend John's services to anyone needing backlinks.


I got John's back on this one ---

The only reason I joined webtalk forums was because I was interested in John's blog commenting service. I used this service for backlinking all of my articles and web 2.0 properties that I use for link building purposes. My articles that weren't indexed got indexed quickly and I definitely saw a SERP boost from this.

Then John let me know about his link wheel and article submission backlinking service. This caught my attention because I do a lot of this stuff on my own with my team of oDesk article writers and link builders.

I know that most of you might be hesitant to spend $10 on a service like this because money might be tight and you are worried that he is going to rip you off. I'm not scared to try somebody new out, because where I work I have a very large budget for SEO. My keywords are VERY competitive and I'm always looking for different and new places to get links from. Once I tried out this article submission service I found that it gave me HUGE pushes for my mid tail keywords, and even my "head terms" (most competitive terms) saw a jump of a few spots all in the same day --- from 1 article blast from John.

I now use John to do at least 3 article blasts per day, and sometimes as much as 5 per day. It's the best way that you could spend $10 when it comes to link building. I recommend that you try it, you will not be disappointed.

The last thing that I would like to add to this review is how much I admire and respect the business ethics by John --- everytime that I put an order in, he has a report to me before I go to sleep at night. I work with many different vendors when it comes to link building, and I have found that John's services are the most effective...and probably the cheapest for me as well.

I have the utmost respect for this guy...and the only reason I spend my time to write this review is because I would like to give back for all he's done for me and the websites I'm marketing.


Awesome With Results in just a few weeks


superb service ultra fast results


jcash12 delivered all the back-links promised fast and in a professional manner. Again, thank you.


Highly recommend. Provider finished project in record time and provided a full list of exact urls.


Awesome work dude, you delivered more than expectation. Good Job


The excel report is corrupt and cannot be opened, the text report is okay. Your delivery is fast ,I got it within 1~2hours which is out of my expectation. Also, is there anyway for me to check the links other than check it one by one?


Great services...Very impressed,Just waiting for results to order again...Thanks


Wow super fast and wonderful result! Many thanks




Incredible less than 4 hours my order was complete. Will use again!!!


I am very impressed. Very quick turnaround, great communication, gave me extra backlinks.. what more could you ask for. I'll definitely be back. Thanks, Andy


you are awesome His work is great great work ethics, very good responding and very quick too. I will do business with him again and again and again very great service


This guy is the real deal.... Fast and better then described.. Buy with confidence.


That's incredible. So many, I'm glad you gave me the xls file so I can see the ones that were not found as well...still pretty amazing. Only thing is the urls I gave you didn't have my site link on them, but they did have my affiliate link so that's fine just wont help my site but will help my sales


Great, thanks. He over delivered (3000+ backlinks)
Refund policy

If my work is completed in 10-14 days it will be 50% off, and anything over 14 it will be free and still completed. Typical turnaround ranges from 3hours-5days depending on what you order. Keep in mind that buying orders that come with the content ads to the turnaround time.

The reviews??

This is not DP guys, So don't spam my thread asking for reviews please. Otherwise, First 3 high post people to reply here will get a 50% discount on a service of there choice. You can choose between a 10k comment blast, 1x article submission (You must provide article), or 1x high pr bookmark submission.

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