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Thread: Banner, Header, Logo, Website Design Service - Sample Work Inside

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    Banner, Header, Logo, Website Design Service - Sample Work Inside

    Hi guys,

    Title says it all. I am offering Banner, Header, Logo, Website design service for NB members. Please accept my excuse for not providing the built portfolio. I am in process of constructing new one and hopefully will be active in 2 weeks.

    Please see below some of my previous work:

    Headers: {$20}

    Index of /portfolio/headers

    Logos: {$30-$50}

    Index of /portfolio/logos

    Banners: {I don't know much animation so $10 per banner seems realistic)

    Index of /portfolio/banners

    Websites: {Depends on the demands - Usually starts from $75}

    Index of /portfolio/web

    I don't have any fixed rate of work. Please PM me for a quotation.

    Thank you

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