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Review from DP member's
Originally Posted by GeminiFilly
Have received my report. The report was very detailed in providing all relevant information of the entire order to include a few (not all) screen shots of submissions.
I've yet to verify any of the links but will keep checking back as service just complete. Have verified a few of the article submissions. OP provides a unique email so that your email account does not get spammed. Only problem is uncertain if confirmations have been followed through, but don't have reason to believe the would not be.

Great communication and nice person to work with as she followed all my instructions
and made sure I was satisfied with the article before submitting.

Would recommend this if you need some back links!
Originally Posted by harry0019
I bought a profit pack from ayebea .. and from the very first day his communication with me was excellent. I use to email him for updates and his reply was always very good and fast! I received my report 2 days ago and he delivers what he said! All the links were quality and I am very satisfied with his response and service!

Originally Posted by garyl2k
Well here is my honest review, the communication between me and Ayebea was fantastic, I was sent a very easy to understand PM on how to pay and what information to send back regarding my site.

I have received a link back which sent me to a zip file that contained all the information I needed regarding my review package service. Inside were screen shots of all submissions for the articles which showed well writen articles on my chosen subject.

There was a slight problem with my first article title, which was soon fixed, the issue though was nothing to do with ayebea's service and more down to submission guide lines on article sites.

Ayebea offers a cheap service which delivers great results.

Thanks Ayebea for working on my off site SEO.


Originally Posted by projectsclothing
Excellent job! email sent very quickly with all the required info. The sites are all on good PR sites and the article was very good. I will defo be using again
Originally Posted by akki313
I got screen shots of articles submission and all links are do follow. The guy send me complete report on excel sheet. Good Service. Recommended
Originally Posted by danish muzaffar
Sorry for late Review, wasnt available on Dp:

Took 5PR6+40PR5+40PR4+30PR3+20PR2+10PR1~$340(save $240) from Ayebea, He provided me each and every info of his work and always online for updating me. Really awesome service and worth for money
Approval rate is beyond satisfaction
I will order more in Future


Majid's Grandson

Originally Posted by gemstuff
I am happy to report that my order was delivered (yippee!). Most of the links didn't stay to my niche -- but they are the PR that he said they were. Additionally, he over delivered. That is to say, there were more links than I bought

Very happy and thankful for having this all work out!
Originally Posted by varnika
I got my report before turnaround time he mention approval rate was 99% and the service was great the customer care was nice and I would definitely be buying more of these great links in the future.
Originally Posted by dimchik
excellent job!!! just got everything i ordered. many good PR links. thanks.
Originally Posted by Rohit patel
Well I just purchased Random pack with 10 PR5 links and I am glad to see he did work very faster, I got detailed excel sheet with links where he commented and I checked it all are PR5 pages ( Page PR ) with low OBL which means it really good for getting PR juice and if he maintain limited comments on pages then it will be plus for buyers. Among 10 pages 4 are my niche related pages so I am really satisfied with it. Few pages even don't have any links so you can get some quality links! I would recommended buyers to get quality links! I just purchased first page for my 2 months old blog to get better SERPs rankings and PR.

Thx for Visiting