Web 2.0 blogslinking – Dominate TOP page of Google with backlinks

Leverage the power of Web 2.0 blogs, RSS, Social bookmarking to propel your Money Site to the top of SERP’s within days!

There is not going to be boring long sales copy here..Let me put it straight we build quality, Do-Follow, One Way backlinks to your site using the web 2.0 blogs that will help you boost your SEO traffic.

Whats “Web 2.0 PowerLinking” All About?

The strategy leverages the Authority held by certain Web 2.0 blogs like blogger, bloglines, Webblogs, etc to get quality in-content backlinks to your site. The strategy also involves building a mini-network by interlinking the blogs and building backlinks to the blogs itself to boost the link power each blogs holds.

How does it work?

Unique Articles are created based on your keywords and each article is used to build your very own web2.0 blogs on these following sites:

High PR Blog Sites:

AOL blogs
blog drive


1. We will write & post 100% unique articles based on your primary keywords on the web2.0 blog sites
2. Create accounts at all different web2.0 blog and upload your articles.
3. Interlink to your Ezine and Web 2.0 blog using your keyword as anchor text according to the picture above.
4. Each Website Would be Bookmarked in 30 DO-FOLLOW Bookmarking websites.
5. RSS submission for your money site and for each Web 2.0 properties to 20 RSS Aggregator site

- 20 social Web 2.0 blog sites
- 300-400 words unique articles
- loaded with images, videos
- 50 Ping all blog sites to major ping site for fast indexing
- RSS submission for your money site and for each Web 2.0 blogs to 20 RSS Aggregator site
- After that Each Website Would be Bookmarked in 30 DO-FOLLOW Bookmarking websites. Totally around 600 backlinks that helps you getting to be good page rank for your site.

Turn Around time: 10 days
Actual Price of this package is $150
First 5 review copy for $97

After completion i have submitted to you following report:

Comprehensive report , Accounts on all 10 sites with email used to create these profiles, All articles in .doc files(You can use rewrite them).


Are the articles Spun?
NO, All articles would be UNIQUE.

Do I get access to all accounts?

Link Wheel Benefits:
1. Your website will achieve High PR
2. Assured Google/Search Engine Indexing
3. Dominate first page of Google listing
4. Increase website visibility.
5. Drive insane targeted traffic
6. Generate more sales


Keyword usage:

All the web 2.0 blog sites would have primary keywords in the URL to get the maximum SEO mileage.

Site Spice-Up:

All web 2.0 blog sites would be spiced up with relevant images, tags, videos, rss and other modules and wont just be an article page with bunch of links.


Apart from pinging all the sites, each sites get 30 Do-Follow backlinks which will make these sites index and rank faster, thereby proving maximum link juice to to the in-content links it has to your main site.