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Thread: Boost your SERPs Guranteed.......!!

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    Boost your SERPs Guranteed.......!!

    Hello DP Members

    We are from Seoserviceshop SEO company based in India since 2006 .......

    As we all know, nobody can guarantee a #1 spot for any keyword, all you can do is work to get there. We're not promising #1, but we are promising that you will appear organically on the first results page in Google for the keyword that you choose!

    I will definitely increase the SERPs of your site in top 10 & top 5. I can work with any niche apart adult.

    For portfolio, PM me.


    1. Your site will be on the first page of in 1 to 2 months. (MAX)
    2. All SEO will be White Hat
    3. Will send monthly report!

    Payment terms:
    We charge 40% of the total amount as upfront. 40% after getting your site on the second page of Google and balance amount after getting the site on the first page of Google.

    Payment is done via PayPal only.

    Just shoot me PM or email me at with your site(s) and keyword(s) you want to target and I will let you know the price.

    One more thing SEO is a work of patience and most of the sites take atleast 1-2 months to rank on top 10 and for tough keywords its around 5-6 months .

    Here is my contact ID"s
    Skype :- seoserviceshop

    Thanks & Regards
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