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Thread: Buy Twitter Followers- Cheap Packages!

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    Buy Twitter Followers- Cheap Packages!

    Starting a with new Twitter account?
    Have you got an old account?

    Well either way in order to gain visibility on twitter you need followers!
    What do I offer?

    4 Different packages of guaranteed followers (not targeted).
    100% refund policy No Questions asked.
    2 Free review copies to reputable member of the forum.

    500 [Non Targeted Followers] $14.00 USD Delivery Within 4 Days
    1,000 [Non Targeted Followers] $27.00 Usd Delivery Within 7 days
    2,000 [Non Targeted Followers] $50.00 Usd Delivery Within 14 days
    5,000 [Non Targeted Followers] $100.00 Usd Delivery Within 28 Days

    Refund Policy:
    I can guarantee you that I will get the number of followers on twitter
    within the designated period of time or you will get 100% Money back No questions asked!


    Are my user name and password safe?
    Only I will have your user name and password and I wont share it with anyone but I would suggest you to Change the password once the service is fished anyway.
    What method do you use to get followers?
    Sorry I cant say that... But it works and is legit.
    Will people know that I bought Twitter followers?
    Nope! Only if you tell people, I will never announce or reveal to anyone that you purchased twitter followers from me.
    Will my account get banned by using your service?
    Well I have never got an account banned yet. Hope I wont start now lol...
    I Do not use spam and massive following methods or automated bots
    What info do you need from me to use this service?
    We will need your twitter login info (username and password).
    How long will it take you to get me my followers?
    Well it depends on which package you order.
    Please look each package for the estimated delivery times.
    When will you start working on my order?
    I will usually start within 24-48 hrs of your order confirmation and after receiving your login and Password. When possible, and based on how busy i am I will try and start within a few hours of receiving the info I need.
    Free Review copy?
    Yes Two Bronze Packages to any reputable member.
    Sales page:
    Get twitter followers

    Twitter followers Packages
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    Does this include following other people? As I'm following quite a lot of people already and I don't want them to be removed afterwards
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Yes, but the method is not based on following people but different things, including in minium part following.

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    I cant believe it no one is even intersted on the free Review?

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    i will take one review copy

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    Get twitter followers

    Quote Originally Posted by 5starpix View Post
    i will take one review copy
    OK Great!
    You have to send me a PM with your Twitter:

    1. Username
    2. Password


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    Quote Originally Posted by sturat View Post
    I'll take 2nd Review Copy
    I need your Twitter:

    1. Username
    2. Password

    Please Pm

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