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Thread: Cheap Articles

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    Got my article found one mistake but over all it was very good the content was there he knows grammar and it was a very very quick turn around time the guy even contacted me on MSN to clarify his queries which were my fault I didn't really make the topic very understandable. All in all it looks like this guy has some writing skills and for the price he is cheap for the quality given. Thanks again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kovich View Post
    I will take the second review as well. I will post honest feedback. Thank you.

    Please post the review, I sent you Article in the morning. Or at least reply to my PM.


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    Sorry for not posting sooner, but you can't expect me to reply instantly.

    Anyway, here is the article I received:
    A popular and very easy way to make money online is Affiliate Marketing. The way you earn money from it is on the sale or lead you made, and you get some amount of commission from it. To join an affiliate program you need to sign up at a merchant’s site. Some of them require you to have a website or a blog, and some like Clickbank do not require that. So, now you have learnt some of the basics of it, and now you are ready to start making money online with it. A newbie can also make good amount of money from it.
    There are several errors and the article quality isn't too great. I've found much better quality for these prices, so I'm very disappointed. However, if you just need content, and it doesn't need to be anything too great, then this service is for you.

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    Article received quickly and good work by Sahil.

    Will work again.

    Good luck


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    Quote Originally Posted by GeeOne View Post
    Article received quickly and good work by Sahil.

    Will work again.

    Good luck

    Thanks Gee.

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    I ordered 5, 300 word articles. Sahil delivered a copy/paste of Shrimp Scampi with Linguine

    He did however refund me. But that's not really the issue here. Cateat emptor - let the buyer beware.

    Sahil should treat every customer the same. But he choose not to. I don't understand why he delivered original content to sam, Kovich and GeeOne (or maybe they just didn't check?), but not to me.

    I'm sorry, Sahil, but I am required to treat every seller the same too. If you deliver good service, you get more service. If you deliver bad service, your service is stopped.

    I'm not going to be the one to close this thread, I think I need to offer the opportunity for Sahil to prove to himself that he can trade honestly. It is for this same reason that I am deciding not to leave a negative iTrader. I hope this post is warning enough - implementation of further consequences will be applied where necessary.

    Cheers, and good luck.

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    BAN ME

    Do not want to stay here more.

    Thanks Charles

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    Quote Originally Posted by sahil_kotak View Post
    BAN ME

    Do not want to stay here more.

    Thanks Charles
    I see no reason to ban you. If I were any other customer, they would not have the ability to do so. Why should I?

    You are more than welcome, Sahil. I was hoping that you would more formally treat this issue. Locking your own thread and leaving the forum is your choice - and not what I was attempting to encourage.

    I wish the best to you, Sahil. I really do. Good luck.

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