My company would like to extend an offer to the community!

Here are some deals below:

#100 posts $10
#2 200 posts $15
#3 300 posts $20
#4 400 posts $25
#5 500 posts $30
#6 750 posts $35
#7 1000 posts $40
#8 1500 posts $45
#9 1750 posts $50
#10 2000 posts $55
#11 3500 posts $ 65
#12 5000 posts $100
#13 Create your own offer.

My company can do any niche, time frame, no spam posts all quality posts. Every post will have a min. of 30 words and to ensure that we throw in 10 extra posts to make up for any posts that might have fell a word or two short.

Some sample posts for you guys:
1: Posts made on a webmaster forum
Wow Adwords made me mad! I got a $50 voucher so I activiated it and mind you this is my first time using adwords ok. Well the voucher got eaten up within a week and a half and before I realized it I was already into the money portion of it. So I waited and the money kept building once I reached like 42.00 I paused the account cuz it was a few days shy of payday.

Well Google tried to withdraw the funds but was unable to well I put the money in the account with withdrew it and I never visited adwords since until yesterday. I did a search on google using one of my keywords and found that my adwords account was reactivated! I never unpaused it and I can only assume that once the money got taken out it restarted the ad or seeing as its a new month or something but its up to $40 again. I emailed support and they said that theres no sign of false entry into my account so what can I do?

2: Topic was about beginners luck in poker:

Luck! Its there when your about to reveal your bet or hand pay attention to that little voice, that gut feeling. Its your little signals that provide the best luck. When your new at something you dont know what your doing exactly so you listen to that little feeling 90% of the time and thats why you win big most times. Pass the feeling up and you lose. See as you get further along with your skills you learn percentages, and likely hoods and unlikely hoods of your opponents hand so that little voice or signal gets passed over by sheer intelect and knowledge. So yes there is beginners luck

3: A post made about Administrating forums

It is important to have enough sections for everyone to post in, however having 50 forum topics and 3 members makes your forum look inactive and dead. This is the same even if those 3 members reach 50 posts a day amongst themselves. So as a rule of thumb for every 10-15 members have at least 10 topics. This is enough for at least one post a day giving your board a fuller more active look.

To many topics is not a good thing. Don't get me wrong some board topics can create hundreds of threads for members to post in. ITs important to set a basic number for your board. Once you reach that number you should hold back on creating more posting areas on your board. Alot of forum topics can be combined giving you the same amount of topics yet a smaller more professional look.


Those are just a few samples all are pretty much along the same guidelines but in different niche forums. I can not give out direct links because I promise all clients privacy.

Also I do have 10 staff members that assist with all forum posting. I have a client ratio of reorders on an average of 200. I alone have 8+ years experience on forum management and posting.

I do have a company homepage if your interested in looking around more.