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Thread: Cheap Do-follow - Manual Comment Service - PR3-PR8 - Fast approval & Review available

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    Thumbs up Cheap Do-follow - Manual Comment Service - PR3-PR8 - Fast approval & Review available

    Hello there,
    I need your support to become a regular member of this Forum. I came here with my expertise with affordable rates.

    Review 1:

    Quote Originally Posted by Flightnurse View Post
    I received the report this morning and here's my honest review.

    I checked each link- at first to see if the link was there, but soon, I began checking just to get to read the comments OP made because they were actually quite interesting and I was thrilled that he found so many niche related blogs to comment on.

    Need I say more? I am very very pleased & impressed by the quality of this blog commenting service and plan to order package 2 now.
    Review 2:
    Quote Originally Posted by bozonessinc View Post
    Review: 10/10

    I randomly checked links to make sure they were real comments with links. Every link I checked was approved and a real comment. I was really surprised when I found that all comments were on topic with the blog post and a paragraph long. I am really grateful for the great commenting service they have. I would recommend it for any of you looking for a blog commenting service.

    Thanks for letting me review you secondeye.
    Review 3: (another forum member)
    Quote Originally Posted by pveman

    Just wanted to let you know I purchased this package and I am very satisfied with the results. The comments he created were very useful comments, you can see he took the time to read the post and add something worthwhile via the comments. This is not comment spam.

    He provides a very complete excel spreadsheet at the end which allows you to see exactly what he has done. Overall a very professional job and I will use him again.

    One point to understand, the PR he shows is for the blog home page - of course the comment pages will have lower PR. He does state this in the post.

    Have a great day!
    -I have a list of Do-follow Websites with PR-3 to PR-7 rankings
    -I'm registered to all websites with complete profile & picture
    -Comment post by my profile will not look Spam
    -All comment will post by participating on that niche
    -Comment will be more than 15-20 words (2 sentence or above)

    -My experience of Comment posting shows that i get fast approval by moderators.

    -If your comment get deleted, it will be replaced for FREE with in a month

    -Complete xls file will be delivered with Website name, Comment Link, PR, and your given Anchor Text.

    If you want to look at my sample comments then PM me.

    Package 1:
    25-Comments from PR3, PR4, PR5, PR6
    3-Anchor Text
    1 Comment/website/anchor text

    Cost: $15

    Package 2:
    50-Comments from PR3, PR4, PR5, PR6, PR7, PR8
    5-Anchor Text
    1 Comment/website/anchor text

    Manual directory submission to 100 SEO friendly website for 1st 2 members on the purchase of Package 2

    Cost: $30

    Review Copies:
    Discount Review copies for $5 and $10 are all gone - no more copies available

    Paypal (no discount)
    Moneybookers ($2 discount)Turnaround time:
    2-3 days

    -Comments will be replaced for free if get deleted with in a month
    -Only Do-follow comments will be counted.
    -PR will count for main domain.

    PM or Post here.


    Q) So You Spam The Post?
    A) No, I participate to those post and then Post comment appropriate to that topic

    I know Spamming is unethical but i do not spam, I take part into the topic and then Post and moderators do approve me after reading my comment posted on their article.

    Q) How it helps my website?
    A) This will bring you backlinks, Improves Search engine Rankings and Boost your Pagerank offcourse.

    Q) How come i know that you really post my link in comment?
    A) A detail report will be delivered after job done

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