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Thread: Cheap High PR Link Buidling: Link Wheel, Unique Articles, Video Creation & Submission

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    Arrow Cheap High PR Link Buidling: Link Wheel, Unique Articles, Video Creation & Submission

    Improve Google Rankings & Get Free massive Targeted Traffic to any website.

    Get Your site pointed by High PR One Way Backlinks !!

    Do you want more FREE targeted traffic to your site?

    Higher search engine rankings play a vital role in determining the visibility and popularity of any website on the Internet. A high ranking is equal to more traffic & Sales for your product & service. In this competitive market, it is not easy to increase your search engine rankings by coming out ahead of your competition.

    Link Wheel : Best way to get Backlinks & Traffic

    As a leading creator of link wheels, our focus is to boost your website’s visibility and popularity. Link Wheels have become very popular over the past few months because of their ability to provide instant high rankings for many keywords on Google. Web 2.0 properties are the second generation of web pages and sites allow the Internet community to contribute to these sites. A link wheel is defined as the process of creating a sequence of web 2.0 properties, all of which link to your website directly. These web 2.0 properties are connected to a neighboring web 2.0 attribute and therefore, create a chain that resembles the spokes of a wheel. This Link wheel building process leads to the creation of high quality ONE way backlinks to your website. This unique interlinking structure takes the highly successful link wheel concept.

    Over the past few months, with our trial & test we found that several structures of link wheels helped our clients get more traffic, leads and sales. A link wheel marketing strategy, when executed as a part of an extensive link building campaign, works wonders for any website or online business.

    What we offer in Premium Link wheel Service:
    Unique Articles are created based on your keywords and each article is used to build your very own web2.0 property.

    We will create 18 Web2.0 Properties (PR4 to PR9) Containing Product Video.

    One 100% unique article posted to each web 2.0 Property, all will be linked with site URL. Total 18 unique articles !!

    Hence, no worries about being flagged for SPAM or duplicate content.

    One custom video (used across in each property)- We will create video for you.

    RSS Feed submission to 100 ping list to fast indexing in the top search engines.

    Each web 2.0 property article have two links up to 8 keywords / anchor text

    Plus more….

    Article writing & submissions to High PR directories:

    To get in more article marketing, we will write another set of articles than above & submit unique articles to only high PR article directories. Unlike other services, we write unique, fresh content as we have got experienced writers at our end. We will submit them up to 10 High PR article directories (include, No same one duplicate article to 100’s or 500 directories. This is ensured you to avoid Google duplicate content filters.
    This will make more extra traffic & link back to your site.

    Video creation & submission:

    You can use the power of video marketing to promote your websites, products, and services. Video’s are the best to get backlinks juice to your website. To take advantage, we will create a simple video with pictures for your site & submit it to high PR (PR4 to PR9) video sharing sites on the Internet that includes Youtube, Yahoo video etc. After submission we will social bookmark each submitted site URL. This video will also be used in above link wheel properties.

    After completion all above, we will send you detailed submission report with direct links to your exact publicly visible Web 2.0 pages, Articles in directory and Videos.

    The turn around time for entire package will be 4 to 5+ days depend on workload.

    • All above tasks done manually by our SEO experts team. For that, we do not use any submitting or content creation automated software!
    • These all are proven & tested techniques while old fashioned Web 1.0 techniques like directory submissions and mass article submission with software no longer work.

    What will be the benefit to your site?

    1. You will get quality, do follow, High PR one way backlinks to your site using the web 2.0 properties that will help you boost your SEO traffic.
    2. Articles & Video will generate massive targeted traffic forever.
    3. These are all High PR sites link creation & submissions package will improve your website page rank in Google at any time in future.
    4. The power of Web 2.0 Properties, Article directories, Videos, RSS, Social bookmarking to propel your website to the top of SERP's within few weeks!
    5. In this way you will get more leads and sales of products or service.

    We have been offering here at Netbuilders forums, the cost of this package has been kept extremely affordable and at the same time the quality would always remain top notch. Just search this forum how other people charge $20 to $50 for just one high PR link. Now calculate yourself what we provide! We will write more than 25+ unique articles !! Article writers take min. $5 for each article & that's more than $125. Now calculate yourself what we provide at very CHEAP rate!

    No other services provide this type of package at cheap price that we charge.

    Package price: $120 (as we charged $160 for our regular clients)

    After first 5 order we will charge $ hurry take an action.

    Order here now

    Lastly, keep in mind, we are professional link builders who have years of
    experience in this field, NOT an unprofessional freelance operator or part time college student.

    Grab right now your slot, because very few slots available in each week.

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    May I see a sample video that you have made please.


    Butterflies Forever

    Current Celebrity Gossip Movies & More TV Site
    Find out how I'm able to get up to 420 backlinks for month, by spending 30 seconds per day...all for FREE! - Click Here

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    PM sent to you



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    Quote Originally Posted by maxbest View Post

    PM sent to you



    Never got your PM with samples

    Current Celebrity Gossip Movies & More TV Site
    Find out how I'm able to get up to 420 backlinks for month, by spending 30 seconds per day...all for FREE! - Click Here

  5. Article writing & submissions to High PR directories:
    each of them going to be unique too?
    send sample to me also

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    Ohh !! Just check again I have sent PM to you.



    Hi MeetHere,

    each of them going to be unique too?
    send sample to me also
    Yes each article in Article directory will submitted unique spin submission.

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    Hi, i'm interested in your service too. Please PM me some of your works.

    Thank you.

    Hi, are you Ubsaw in v7n?

    WTS: Premium Web 2.0 Link Wheel Service & Unique Articles, Video creation submission - Webmaster Forum

    I want to know who should i pay for.

    Thank you.
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    Hi fren99,

    You can use this forum link(Order here now) to pay for the package. Also we are selling the same package on v7n forums as you asked. Just again ask yourself that are you interested to pay or not?



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