Today, I will take some of my time to help you with your websites.
I am a PHP Programmer (3 years) with skills in SQL and (x)HTML. If you want to have some scripts or functions to be done, send me a PM or an email (view signature).
My rates are : $20 / hour; but contact me with your projects and we will discuss

If you want to see some samples, there are PasteKorbe, a (french) website I coded for fun :
Home - PasteKorbe - PB allows you to share code with friends, just try it
My skills in PHP are very useful to check vulnerabilities on others code, last year I pusblished an advidsory about vulnerabilities in a small microblogging application:
Bilboblog 2.1 Multiple Remote Vulnerabilities

I am also a great user of WordPress, if you want help, shot me a PM or take a look at my other thread :