Are you doing any sort of promotions on Twitter? I can create you 100-1,000 Twitter accounts in less then 24 hours. You can use these accounts how you wish, but I think anyone with any sense can figure out how nice it would be to have a Twitter army this big

All Twitter accounts will be setup to have a username like:

3242 - random number generated 1-9999
username- username/keyword of your choice

These accounts are created on proxies so you do not have to worry about them being immediately suspended.

Account Packages

  • 100 accounts - $5
  • 250 accounts - $7
  • 500 accounts - $10
  • 1,000 accounts - $15

You can receive a list of your accounts usernames/passwords in a CSV file or a text file formatted usernameassword on each line.

Please feel free to PM or reply if you're interested.