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Thread: Check our new link building service

  1. Talking Check our new link building service

    Hello people, we are here to offer an exclusive link building service where you are going to get backlinks from related sites having high PR.

    Whats the difference?

    We are going to create 20 links in sites that are related to your domain. For example, if your site is related to law, we are going to create in sites related to law or politics. So there are more chances for a member of the site t visit your link here rather than creating links in sites that are no way related to your domain. For example,a member of a law site will be interested to visit a law site than a member of a gaming site. Makes sense!


    We need to select high PR sites corresponding to your domain, create accounts there, activate the accounts and create profile links. But still the price is affordable

    8$ - 20 links (10* 2 usually).. Buy now before I start increasing

    I cant provide a free review copy because it is a time consuming process. Anyways, the first 2 takers can take it for 5$ provided they are going to leave a feedback here.

    You can make the payment after the completion of work ..thanks

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    I would like a review copy.


    PM what you need

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    one more review copy available ...get 20 backlinks from related domains for 8$ ..there are many high PR sites belonging to politics, music, artist , games, health and technology domains. If your site belongs to any of these domains, I can try to get all the backlinks from related domains
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    Is this a unique method of yours? Did you experiment this by yourself or you just revise it? What makes your unique link building method very effective? I am just curious about this.

    Thank you.
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  5. It is similar to Angelas and Pauls method but the difference is, I don't create links in irrelevant categories. We all know that Angelas links are effective and if the links are created on related domains, it is going to be more effective. If you have a music site and if I create a profile link on a law site, the chances of people visiting your link is less and viceversa. So creating links on related domains results in better traffic. This is how it is going to work.

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