We are a team of 4 Webmasters, we provide Complete SEO services. It includes everything like, Getting Backlinks, Making Your Site Ready For Search Engines, Search Indexing Instantly, Writing Keywords For Your Site, Editing Meta Tags and many other things. If you are site is new, then we can help you make it go on and on in Search Engines.

What Are Advantages?

1. You will get good rank in Search Engines.
2. You will get good Page Rank.
3. You will get good amount of back links.
4. You will get more and more increasing traffic from search engines.
And there are many more advantages of our service.


1. Newbie Site

--> This package is mainly for the site which is newly launched and which requires all the things to be done form starting. We will do all the things for your site which will help you and your site in getting to the top of your keywords.

Price: $400

2. Regular Package

--> This package is for the site which are launched before few months and are just indexed by search engines. We will take your site to the top. Yes, mark my words, to the top just give us the keywords and we will do the rest, if needed we will edit your keywords on your site.

Price: $500

3. Custom Package

--> We know that every site have different - different need, so we offer a custom pack. Just tell us your need and we will do the rest.



Here is the list of frequently asked question by our clients. If you have any other question which is not mentioned here, then please ask.

1. What Do You Do?

Ans. - We do all types of things starting from Link Building, to High PR back links. We help you increasing all types of Search Engine Rankings. And also we do not harm your site as all of our methods are totally white hat.

2. How Much Time Do You Take?

Ans. - Well, usually our turn around time is very fast normally within 3 to 4 weeks after your order. But, if your keywords have high competition then it can take some more time then mentioned.

3. Payment Details

Ans. - In this question, I would like to clarify everything, we take payments via PayPal and Xoom.com ( Wire Transfer ). We take half payment in advance and half after work so that both the parties are safe. We are not the fraud guys who will just go away after taking your money, NO. We are interested in building a long term relationship with our clients so that we can work in future.

NOTE: Once again I feel to tell you guys that we are not scammers which will run away after taking your payment and order, NO. We will provide you our Office Address as well as Phone number as well as IM IDs to contact any time. You can check our profile here, we are very reputed.

Review Copy

--> As, we don't have high number of iTrades here at NetBuilders, I would like to offer a review copy. The review copy would be of $200 and you have to make payment after we take your site to first page. This review copy will only be given to one reputed member or moderator.

Thank You For your time and looking forward to business with you guys.