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    Lightbulb ... ::: Complete Video Service: We'll Create, Send Views & Promote ::: ...

    "Get Your Video Promoted
    Into Instant Viral Success."

    Do you need a video for your niche?

    I won't give you the entire 'spiel' on video marketing but here's what you should know;

    • Good strong back links from authority sites
    • Stronger and more proven conversions
    • Easily promoted and taken to the first page of Google

    What I can do for you;

    **we focus on 3 main areas, these are the 3 services which we offer. If you require a custom order feel free to contact.


    If you need a video done in a particular style/tone/niche just message me and let's get started.


    40$ for 1 minute
    60$ for 2 minutes
    80$ for 3 minutes

    **Videos are done complete with a power point presentation (or screen demonstration) + voice over.**


    Views, comments, ratings and favorites. Everything you need to get people to stay!


    Through a joint venture I can offer fully working, youtube views, myspace (or any other video site)

    Here are my rates;

    3$ per 1000 views (discount available if you need a HUGE amount)
    15$ per 100 ratings/favorites


    If you're really looking to create some buzz let me manage your entire campaign for you. I've got creativity, experience and the passion to work hard on your project.

    Hit me up and let's talk about your options, I can manage EVERYTHING that you're going to need to not just make your video, but make sure people see it.

    If you need to get in contact with me;

    email/msn =
    skype = koncorps
    gtalk =


    Quote Originally Posted by Kovich View Post
    YouTube- Internet Marketing - Can it work for you?

    The video is pretty interesting. It's just slightly over 2 minutes long and was delivered in MP4 format. KonCorps gives the viewer a nice run down on how to get started making money online, without going into too much detail. He follows up by directing visitors to come to my blog. His tone is pretty casual, which I feel creates a nice report with whoever may be viewing. I uploaded the video to YouTube and will probably get it on some other sites as well, and it should bring in some traffic.

    The video is simple and useful to just sort of reel people into finding out more about the site and the industry in general.
    The only problem I had with it was that he sort of stuttered when reading off my URL, but that's nothing major.

    The price is a bit higher than I would personally pay, but it's still within a good limit.
    Quote Originally Posted by sam View Post
    I got my video in a very quick time from Koncorps. And I really liked it it was as Kovich said very relaxed voice and he actually sounded interested in the topic. It also was good because it didn't sound scripted at all and it just kind of flowed if that makes sense. But basically I pretty much agree with exactly what Kovich said. I will add my video here once I get it on youtube and metacafe and so on tomorrow.
    Quote Originally Posted by Charles View Post

    Thank you for that KonCorps, I really appreciate the effort you put into this video. You've used a clear voice to raise some possible controversy. I'm looking forward to the traffic influx that this could produce.

    KonCorps recorded this fully impromptu. That's something that isn't easy to do. It speeds the process up one hell of a lot if you can do it, at the same time as making the video sound more natural.

    Tech Noxx was mentioned at both the beginning and the end. Cheers for that!


    ***I reserve the right to reject any order I wish.

    Last edited by KonCorps; 24 February, 2010 at 07:19 AM.
    I'll promote your product through video;
    How's that sound? Let me know what you think- - VIDEO SAMPLE

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