Company profile:

Incorporated in 1995, Comtel is a global off-shore SW development and IT organization, based in Kolkata, with diverse range of SW products and services, providing IT solutions to large number of organizations and taking care of their business requirements.
In depth expertise in HW, SW, Networking, Business Applications (ERP, HRIS), Operating Systems, RDBMS.
Comtel’s SW products include:

· Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) – A comprehensive application that integrates various functional departments of an organization, like Finance, Operations, HR, Sales and distributions, Projects, Planning, Inventory etc and automates the entire business process. It provides real time information across all departments and enhances communication and collaboration between individual functional areas.
· Human Resource Information System (HRIS) - To manage the recruitment of a workforce and tracks the employees, monitors the availability of qualified workers, recruits and screens applicants for jobs; help select qualified employees. The SW also plans and presents appropriate orientation, training, and development, keeps salary and performance related information for each employee. This SW manages the recruitment of a workforce, tracks developments and administers employee benefit programs of the organization.
· Recruitment Automation Process (RAP) –Business software, aimed for the placement consultants, having three different management systems, namely Candidate Management, Client Management and Recruiters management. Also there will be master admin who can control all these activities. Customization can be done as per client’s requirement.
· Real-estate - Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - To manage, update all the customers’ detail of a business with a personalized process, even after the sale has happened. Helps in Pre Sales and Post Sales activity.
· Construction - Project Management Software (PMS) – To help manage customers, projects, payments, deliverables and inventory information, in a integrated manner so that the users can view the reports on time to time. Customization can be done as per client’s requirement. This SW is aimed to the project management companies (Construction, Realestate).
· Point Of Sales (POS) - Designed for Retail business management; helps in creation of master details of products, price, discounts, billing, terms, etc; incorporates all the necessary activities for managing counter sales, bill generation etc. Customization can be done as per client’s requirement.
Comtel’s Services include:
· Web development and multimedia
· Custom Application Development
· Application Maintenance
· Requirement Analysis and feasibility study
· IT and Networking consultancy etc.

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Mobile: +91 9830764003
Desk: +91 (0)33 23595362
Reception: +91 (0)33 40041573
Company: Comtel Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Address: AD 161, Sector 1, Salt Lake, Kolkata 700064, India