1. Baby Package ($100)

A) 50 Articles 500 word minimums
B) 65 Backlinks
C) 5 Day maximum turn around time

2. Chick Package ($150)

A) 75 Articles 500 word minimums
B) 100 backlinks
c) 6 Day maximum Turn around time

3. Adult Package ($200)

A) 125 Articles 500 word min.
B) 175 backlinks
C) 7 Day maximum turn around time

This was the second time I'd used this service. I have to say after my last experience with a different company I was highly sceptical about the whole idea, but you've restored my faith!

Your input was of an extremely high standard, and attracted massive amounts of discussion across many sections of my forum and site. Your articles were more than worth the costs (which are highly competitive, I might add!)

Thank you so much Content Employer!

Chunkun (From DP)

Your service has been top notch. And I will be asking you guys back next month. I hired another service before I ran into you, and I wish they would go away. Most of their posts don't feel real. Just wanted to say thanks.

Any niche! First time buyers also get a promo code that they can use on the new Content Employer site after revamp for 50% any order.

Plus a 100% money back promise! I will email you a form I signed and scanned to the computer basically binding us in agreement saying if your not satisfied you get your money back!

Email me @ zillionthposting@live.com (also pp, be sure to email me so I can get your details)