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    Content Writing Services

    It's December! Which means it is also holiday season for most of us around the world, and prime time to boost the content on your websites. If you need a content writer to write extra content for your websites, then I'm your guy! I write full time (though admittedly, in the past I have slacked a bit. Sorry Will!) and desperately need the extra cash this month to buy nice presents for my family and my Girlfriend.

    For returning clients payment isn't required until I am finished and ready to turn it in. For new clients payment up front (or half) is required depending on the order size. (Full payment for small orders under $100 and half for orders over)

    My rates are flexible and I am always online to communicate and work out specifics. I REALLY prefer writing for clients that don't require too many "specifics." It makes it easier for all of us.

    Articles/Blog posts are available now for a limited price of 1.6 cents per word. Large bulk orders may be less depending on the topics in question! Clearly difficult to research subjects demand higher pay. This is the lowest I will be offering.

    I also enjoy editing articles. This will cost $3-$5 per article depending on how poorly written the original is.

    Images or videos can be added to blog posts for an additional $2 (for unlimited pictures/videos).

    I look forward to hearing from you.

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