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    Contextual Blogpost Services

    Let's see, what's a popular buzzword/title, “Conquer your niche with contextual blogpost services” “Rule the planet with niche link building?” etc....

    My first-ever, public offer I'm offering contextual, niche or general blogposting services that range from indexed sites through PR 3 (maybe more if PR ever updates again! )

    For the uninformed, contextual link building is a way to increase link popularity through focused blog posts with links back to your targeted content. Since I've collected a number of websites/blogs over the past few years, I've decided to offer up this service for those who want to add contextual blogposts to their SEO efforts.

    Package A – You write the article. Must be > 350 words, no more than 3 links with no direct affiliate links. Up to 2 images may be provided. I post. .doc, .docx, .rtf, .txt are accepted file formats. I will spell /grammar check your work and reserve the right of rejection of the work if written too poorly.
    1 x $5 USD
    10 x $40 USD
    20 x $75 USD

    Package B – You provide the article title or keyword focus. You provide up to 3 links with anchor text. I write the article. Will be > 400 words. You choose the niche from the list below to post the article. Articles are written in U.S. English. U.K. English on request.
    1 x $30 USD
    5 x $120 USD
    10 x $230 USD

    Package C – Bookmarking only to 213 social bookmarking sites. Guarantee of > 185 of the bookmarks to be posted. These include mainstream sites such as Mister Wong, Delicious, Twitter, as well as more than 140 private network social bookmarking sites. Report provided afterwords. I do not intend to post the listing sites openly. Single posts completed withing 24 hours depending on workload. Multiple posts may require extra work days.

    You provide: URL, Title, 2-3 sentence description, up to 5 keywords/phrases separated by comma.
    1 x $3
    10 x $25

    • * Packages A and B include free Package C services.

    Additional Package Specifics:

    Package A you post-pay if you have have > 10 iTraders on Netbuilders. No exceptions unless you are related by blood to M42 or Will. Turnaround time within 48 hours upon acceptance of work and receipt of article from you.

    Package B you pre-pay. Turnaround time depends on workload but generally within 5 days.

    Package C you pre-pay. Turnaround time depends on workload, but generally within 48 hours


    • Payments accepted via PayPal.
    • I live/work in the Central European Time Zone

    • Since some people like to know PR, I've included it where applicable in the site listings below. No extra charge if the site has PR for your post.
    • All sites are indexed by Google.
    • If a site is coming soon, but you desire a post on it let me know and will do but expect 1-2 additional days on the turnaround time.

    Any questions please let me know.
    Free Reviews:
    2 x free reviews for any NetBuilders Gurus, 2 x for non-gurus for Package A.

    No free reviews of Package B.

    Want more PR for your blogposts or Niches that I don't offer? Then, you may want to check out some of the offers that Chilling Breeze's company has at SEO-Peace

    Free review includes bookmarking services. Open post to claim free review with feedback post requested.
    Contextual Blogposts Niche Availabilities:

    General Blog
    Any content except for Porn, illegal drugs, etc.

    Accessibility Equipment/Elderly Care
    Stop Smoking (PR 3)

    Car Insurance (PR 1)
    Debt/Finance Niche (PR 1)
    Silver (Coming Soon)
    Car Donations (Coming Soon)

    Go Green/Green Information
    Green Living/Green Technologies (PR 3)
    Green Tech
    Renewable Energy News (Coming Soon)
    Renewable Energy Companies (Coming Soon)

    General/Trial Law

    Basketball (PR 2)
    Shark Fishing (Coming Soon)

    Computer Adware
    Computer Spyware
    Computer Malware (Pr 1)
    General (Any Topic) (Pr 3)
    Green Tech
    Networking (Coming Soon)
    Software Removal (Coming Soon)

    Video Games
    Evony Game (Open to any computer game articles, new site)
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