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Thread: Convert your competitors visitors and customers into your own! -

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    Convert your competitors visitors and customers into your own! -


    Retargeting/Remarketing is a form of online advertising that enables you to keep your message in-front of visitors after they leave your site and venture out into the world wide web. Traditionally Retargeting has been leveraged by businesses to encourage visitors who have not converted to return to their site.

    Here's how Retargeting Works:

    You can target your audiences in:

    Website Retargeting - Retarget lost visitors based on their previous visit with your website
    Email Retargeting - Display banner Ad’s to your Email reader. Reach them back with one simple campaign!
    Facebook Retargeting - Reach your audiences back with one simple campaign! Serve your banner Ad’s on Facebook News Feed Ads and Right Side Ads.
    E-shop/Ecommerce retargeting - Track your shopping cart abandonment in real-time. Designed specifically for online eCommerce
    Social Ads/video Ads -
    Affiliate Retargeting - Retargeting Base help you to retarget your affiliates, with a single line of code. Sale more. Increase Your Revenues Instantly!

    You can Optimize your Target Audience:

    Geo Locations
    Device Types
    Zip Codes
    Websites and Many more.

    Convert your visitors and customers w/ PRE-RETARGETING Method!
    Now you can collect audiences and visitors from your competitors website automatically!

    You can learn more by this FREE DEMO.

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    Be freaking honest in your post!!!!!

    Otherwise, you are nothing.

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    You mean FREE DEMO not FREE SERVICE hahaha
    Nice marketing strategy though, a little polish will do next time

  4. #4 - Facebook fans Retargeting

    Reach your audience w/ facebook Retargeting, If you have thousands of friends and Fans, you can show your ads to them by this FB Retargeting feature, Your ADS will show on their Facebook News feed and right panel Ads 24/7 automatically!! So you can see your ads even when they are browsing Facebook.

    MOre Targeted Traffic
    More Leads
    More Sales
    More Convertions

    Start Your Free Demo Now!

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    Pre-retargeting - Retarget your competitors site visitors, Relevant KW's & URLs with Pre-Retargeting Method

    How Pre Retargeting Works?

    When you buy Pre-retargeting service we inject your retargeting Tag/Pixel to the users pc who visit the specific URL you request and create your list. After we create the list and collect your targeted audiences, you can create new retargeting campaigns and retarget them with your banners and send them to your website. With the technology we create we have access to thousand of free programs that people use online, such as the program you can download from cnet and a lot of other free programs online. Pre-Retargeting service is able to collect up to 80% of the requested audiences, and the time to collect them depends on the traffic of selected websites. We do not collect any user identifiable information.

    Check it out for more info about Pre-Retargeting and Start your Free Demo .

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    If you are looking for a SET of banner ADS in your Retargeting Campaign we can provide you with professional banner designs.


    9 Banner Set is a professional banner creation and design service staffed by top designers. Get 9 professional looking banners set to attract prospective clients and customers for your business. Get them in any format you would like, the sizes are : 160×600|300×250 | 728×90 |300×600 120×600|180×150|234×60|468×60|110×80 and if you need a special size just let us know!


    We offer 3 different packages: Basic, Test A/B and Pro. The Basic is ideal for the average user while the Test A/B is meant for users who wish to customize their campaigns using the 2 sets of Ad’s. The Pro is ideal for the Pro user who wants to have Test A/B and other small changes in order to achieve best CTR.


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    eCommerce Retargeting Turn abandoned carts into 40% more sales

    Retarget your visitors with the specific products and categories they browsed, always show the latest offers, prices, and availability, make a bigger impact with ads that are personalized and relevant, generate ads automatically from your product feed. Let users explore your store directly from your ads.

    Learn More About How E-Commerce Retageting works..

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