Hi there,

To the point, we are offering a create twitter account with 1000 followers on 14 days.

Price :
5 person, the first order : $ 25
5 person, the second order : $ 35
Price reguler : $45

Free Review :
I am sorry, no Free Review because we manually to add people, no automatic.

Guaranty :
I guarantee 75% from payment, so if your account twitter don't have 1000 followers in 14 days, I will give you back 75% from payment (25% from payment for our time to do this job).

Payment :
You make payment first then we do it for you.

Interest ?
Send detail in my PM :
1. Your feed URL (for update status)
2. Your email address for activate Account Twitter
3. Your planning UserName for Account Twitter ( 5 username for anticipated if other name have been taken)
4. Your paypal ID

Thank you

PS : No receive sites with niche porn, gambling, loan, poker, and such it..
PS : You interest? To the point, please PM me, I hope don't give me a lot of question because my english no good. Sorry