"Complete Network Of Cash 10 Sucking Niche Product Blogs Created & Promoted For You For Less Than $200!"

Hope you are doing great as usual. I bring another irresistible site building offer for my beloved BHW members.

You know the power of building a site, and replicating by scaling it up is the way to go in raking real affiliate commissions. Now is your chance to own a network of such proven moneymakers - autoblogs that rank high in search engines bringing you free traffic that you can motezie with Amazon/ebay affiliate program or Google Adsense.

What I present here is complete process, from the word 'go' till 'cha-ching'. Right from the keyword research to ranking them in search engines. We build you a network of custom autoblogs (Including domain name & hosting) for a "deal-of-the century" price.

Let me start with showing you some examples, the site would be similar to:

Garden utility cart - 1st page of google, Electric lawn edger - 1st page of google & domain register with godaddy

Site: "intex air bed"
Monthly Searches On Google (With Exact Match): 6,600
Competition In Google : 10,600

What is the OFFER?

The idea is to build 10 such sites under a product category and monetize them Amazon/eBay affiliate program along with adsense. These blogs rank easily on the first page of Google. Thanks to the proper selection of keywords and domain name + other promotions like RSS submissions and pinging.

Now here is the offer: We do research to find 10 such keywords, register 10 .com or .org domains and custom build each blog on their domains, promote them through RSS submissions, pinging and social bookmarking for all less than $200.

Wow, yes you can go ahead and call me crazy, but there IS a catch.

You need to send me a simple feedback/testimonial of the service so that I can use it in my promo materials when the service is launched to the public, well thats it - that was the catch.

So let me remind you again on why you should take this offer up NOW:

* 10 Autoblogs on keywords that have more than 3000 monthly searches and less than 20,000 competitors in Google (For super easy rankings)
* 10 keyword .com/.net domains (Pushed to your account after project completion)
* All 10 sites submitted to RSS directories, pinging sites and "Do-Follow" social bookmarking sites.
* Separate cpanel access for each of the site with a free year of hosting (Worth $200+)
* We cannot take more than 10 orders, as this is being offered at a throwaway price.

Each of the 10 sites would include all essential SEO plugins and would be built using Wordpress. If you prefer to supply us with your own keywords thats fine with us as well.

What are you waiting for? Submit your order; sit back and your sites would be delivered to you within 5 days or your money back.


Submit your order by choosing your package below, after payment you would be contacted within 12 hours to continue with the order.

Superior Autoblogger – Full version of WP Robot ($140) + 10 Sites, promotion and free hosting for 10 sites for a year For $45

Superior Autoblogger - $185

Interested in ordering just 5 sites? You can do so by purchasing the “Junior Autoblogger” package for $160

- Full version of WP Robot ($140) + 5 Sites, promotion and free hosting for 5 sites for a year For $20

Junior Autoblogger - $160

Feel free to write back if you have any questions. Since the number of orders that we can take are limited, we invite orders only from people who will be willing to spare some time to write a honest feedback of the service, once the offer is launched to the public.