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Thread: Custom-made whiteboard video for YOU!

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    Custom-made whiteboard video for YOU!

    I will make one custom-made, animated whiteboard video for each of the next 2 people that reply saying they want one. This offer will expire within a week, or as soon as I have 2 requests. Whichever comes first. It could be to market your product or service, say Happy Birthday to Grandma, or whatever you'd like. The length can be up to a minute. I can include your logo or up to 3 images. Preferably the images will be a vector. If not, PNG or JPEG will be okay. The script is usually about 30 words for every 30 seconds of video. You provide the script. In the background will be royalty free music, which I will provide. If you don't have images, I have a library of vector images I can use. What I want in trade at the moment is just the ability to use the video I create as part of my portfolio on YouTube and for constructive criticism. Delivery time will be about a week. Thank you!
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