About Us:
With me is a team of 2 designers and 2 coders and available for hire.
The coders have more than 8 years of experiences and the designers have 3 years of experience.
What We Offer:
  • Custom Designed Layout
  • Custom Coding
  • Custom Add-on Script

Custom Designed Layout:
We are available for hire to design a great template tailored to suit your taste.
Give as as much information as required and we will make sure that we come out with something that can "WOW" you.
Custom design start from $40 per design.
Live example - The layout used on this site is 100% designed by our designer.
Custom Coding:
We are also available for custom coding.
Anything from PHP, MySQL, PSD to XHTML/CSS, WP, Joomla, vB etc.
Price will depends on the complexity of you project.
PM me for a quote!
Live Example 1 - We sliced and code and integrate the layout above to the script.
We also created an add-on script for qooy's script. To see it in action, click here and on the page, click "report file". Admin file included.
Live Example 2 - We turned a PSD and code it into the shopping script.
Live Example 3 - We code a PSD into vBulletin for this site.

All payments via Paypal only.
For big projects, we accept both Paypal and Escrow (50% split fees)

30% Off to first 5 clients.