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Thread: Do-Follow Social Bookmarking Very Cheap!

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    Do-Follow Social Bookmarking Very Cheap!

    As part of our pre-launch, we are extending our offer of unlimited review copies for our do-follow social bookmarking service for the members of this forum. We will bookmark your URL(s) in 50 bookmarking sites.

    Our difference with other social bookmarking providers is that we do own the bookmarking sites. Yes, it is a private network of social bookmarking sites with limited members, hence, the minimal number of bookmarks submitted daily.

    • All sites are do-follow.
    • All sites are powered by Scuttle. Though it may be sound too simple for bookmarking sites, we are gradually redesigning each site to make them look not like Scuttle at all (see this sample - ported WP theme - Arthemia).
    • All sites are hosted in different C-class and D-class IP addresses.
    • All sites are .COMs

    Review Package
    No of URL: 1
    Turnaround time: depends on job queue

    Package 1
    No of URLs: 5
    Price: $15
    Turnaround time: 1 day

    Package 2
    No of URLs: 10
    Price: $25
    Turnaround time: 1 day

    Package 3
    No of URLs: 25
    Price: $45
    Turnaround time: 2 days

    We will accept one (1) review copy each day. The priority will be our discretion but for now, we will based the order on who gives us first the request through PM.

    Here's a review of our service by another member from other forum.

    PM me for payment information.

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    I received a Review Package from Kapengbarako.

    The list is very comprehensive and includes some really nice sites. The links that I checked are indeed do-follow, and the turnaround time was quite fast. Overall, I'd say that he does provide the service he promises, and I would recommend it if you're in the market for social bookmarking. Thanks!

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    Can I take the review today?

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    I am intrested in free one is it available

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    I received my review copy. All the sites did have my site on them. The links are dofollow. It is definitely worth the money, as he provides exactly what he states. -- Thanks!

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