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    Thumbs up Dominate The First Page of Google with The Help of SENuke with Money Back Guarantee

    SENuke Service

    What’s SENuke Service?

    SENuke Service is a service using SENuke software to promote websites. This is SEO software that is being used widely around the world. You can find more information about SENuke software here.
    In this software, the most effective SEO methods now being integrated into, including:

    1. Find & Spin Articles
    2. Submit Articles
    3. Social Bookmarks Your Website & Articles
    4. Create One-way Backlinks Profiles
    5. Social Bookmarks Profiles
    6. Create & Submit RSS feeds
    7. Ping Your Website, All Articles & Profiles

    Most of link building methods are included in.

    How does this service run?

    The first thing we will do is to advise you on choosing keywords and how to add there keywords into the source code of website. Then we will perform the functions of SENuke:

    1. Find & Spin Articles

    We find articles on Internet that relate to your keywords or your categories and then we spin it. The result of this task is 60 unique articles, but all of them relate to your website content.

    2. Submit Articles
    60 articles (obtained from step 1) will be added Backlinks and submitted to 60 articles or blog sites. Here are the well-known sites, such as: hub,, ezine ...

    3. Social Bookmarks Your website & Articles
    After completing step 2, we get 60 article or blog pages that contains your Backlinks, these 60 pages will be bookmarked on well-known social bookmarking sites,
    such as:,,, .. .The purpose of this work is to help Search Engines quickly index these pages, and therefore, it finds your Backlinks quicker.

    4. Create One-way Backlink Profiles
    In this step, 200 profiles will be created on 200 web2. 0 sites, the profiles will contain anchor texts that link to your website. All these Backlinks are do-follow and all Sites’ Page Rank is 4+.

    5. Social Bookmark Profile
    Same as step 3, the Profiles created in step 4 will be bookmarked and this also helps the Search Engines recognize your profiles faster. This means they index your Backlinks faster.

    6. Create & submit RSS feeds

    After steps 2, 3 and 5, we obtained more than 40 RSS feeds of the articles and bookmarks, RSS feeds will be submitted up to 22 RSS sites. This will help your Backlinks be pushed up more sites.

    7. Ping Your website, all Articles & Profiles
    The final step is using the Ping tool to make the search engine quickly identify your website, articles and profiles faster.

    In each running time, 07 above steps will be carried out, and the total number of Backlinks obtained will be approximately:
    60 Articles & Blog pages + 200 Profiles + 100 Social Bookmarks = 360 Backlinks.

    A running wheel of SENuke is done during 4 days, therefore, SENuke will be run 8 times in one month, and total Backlinks collected will be 360 x 8 = 2.880 Backlinks.

    Tons of Backlinks will be created.

    Why should you use this service?

    • This is a very effective method, synthesized from various link building methods which are quite popular, and we are committed to put your website on the first page of search results.
    • We consult with you to pick the suitable keywords.
    • You do not have to pay royalties of SENuke ($127/month) because we've already done that.
    • You do not have to study how to use SENuke because we do everything for you, we have a team of skilled and professional manpower.
    • To have articles for categories of your WebPages, you do not have to be good writing, because we do it for you.
    • Ensuring information is confidential, only you and us.
    • Reports are clearly, the results are continuously updated and you can check it anytime and anywhere
    • The cost of this service is really cheap.

    How much & How to buy?

    The price for this service only $300/month or you can pay the amount in four parts but then the price is increased to $400. You can pay $100 in each week and after confirmation of your payment then we will start work.

    To buy these services just send the fee to
    And if you need more information just contact us using the contact options given in my profile. Please don't send any inquiries t the paypal address, we only used is for payment processing.

    Free Reviews: For the first five people who have more than 20
    Feedback Score and more than 100 posts will get four days of free services and you will get 360 back links from 4 Day Run of SENuke.
    After that if you want to continue with the service then you have to pay .

    Dominate the First Page of Google with SENuke...

    If No Ranking Improvements Gain then We will Give Your Money Back. This guarantee applies only for the one month of service package.

    Here are proofs that this give results and attached few reports also,So you people know that we really did this and not just showing the ranking of a website for a particular keyword....

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