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What is Press Release?

Press release is like news release considered attracting the journalists or relevant target in order to encourage them to develop articles on the subject biased towards the objective of other. Aim of PR is to attract positive media attention to the PR firm's client, and promotion aiming to attract favorable media attention for products marketed by the clients.
Press release not only helps in driving traffic to your website, however it helps in generating lots of back links and thus kicks your Google Page rank and gets you picked easily at major search engines.

Why use a Press Release Submission?

A Press Release is a great website and service promoting technique

It Boosts your sites Google Page Rank.
It Drives Targeted Traffic to your Website.
It Increases one way valid Backlinks to your website.
It Increases your Product Sales.
It helps to get your pages indexed by the major search engines.

So it Increases your Link Popularity with Traffic and Sales.

What is the Mode of PR Submission?

100 % Manual, Most of the webmasters around the globe believes that only manual submission generated guaranteed results. Automatic submissions are rejected by many Press release sites and do not generate intended results. Hence, we do every single submission manually to get you best results.

Will you create new user accounts for submission?

Certainly, Yes! Our professional team will create new user accounts for you on all the Press Release sites and also an email ID will be created in order for you to have track of every submission done by us.

What are the required details?

(1) Web Site (URL).
(2) Author.
(3) Category.
(4) Company Name.
(5) Full Contact Details (Street Address, Phone Number, Fax, Email, etc.).
(6) Keywords.

What are the available packages and price list?

Submission only packages

1. 80 PR Submission only $40
2. 100 PR Submission only $50
3. 125 PR Submission only $60

Submission + Writing packages

1. 80 PR Submission and writing $50
2. 100 PR Submission and writing $60
3. 125 PR Submission and writing $70

Any Reviews Copies?

We believe in quality work and we know we only do manual and effective work, so we are not scare from giving review prices at cheap rates.

You know we are not selling any E-book or already created things so you have to pay atleast something for our office electricity and Internet connection bills.

:=: First 2 Will Get At 30% Discount - Any Package :=:

:=: Next 2 Will Get At 20% Discount - Any Package :=:

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