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Thread: Facebook fans to fanpage

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    How many people will work on it? And how will you be able to see who's referrers it are? What's the page about, is it for students or adults?
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Facebook fans to fanpage

    I need someone who can grow my fan page by by inviting others to join.
    Real humans, of course Would be great if brief country targeting would be available.
    (theme - photography/art)

    Please let me konw if you can do it and your prices per 1k fans.


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    Hello Aquarezz, at this moment im only inviting people from my own accounts connections so page grows slow.Around 400 fans now. Coming few new ones each day.
    The counting at this moment is simpe. If there will be single service provider.
    We would decide time frame. etc 10 or 30 days how much fans will come, all will be counted as refferals.

    Page related to design/photography, so little bit of category targeting would be nice, and as long as it is service and the point overall is to wait for potential customers to come, pointing to tier 1-2 countries (usa,can, aus, eu etc.) would be great.
    But thats just my preferrences.

    Do not know what is possible actually. Just seen on GAF people noticing targeting too.

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