I am a believer in Forums for a great way to get visitor engagement, create user-generated content, and a great way to provide product support.

Blogs are OK as long as people comment and subscribe. But forums seem to be a magnet for people wanting to engage in discussion on niche topics in a level playing field.

However, it can be difficult to get a thriving forum community on the go.

There is the complex forum script integration with your existing site to get to grips with, then forum configuration and customization, and initial post momentum to contend with.

So this is where my offer kicks in.

I feel that I am an expert at forum integration for niche sites.

Check out my last 2 forum screen shots:

In the WebmasterJuice forums I set it up out of frustration of being a mod on an un-loved webmaster forum. So profit was not a motivation.

In this screen shot, you can see the 1000's of page views per thread that in most cases I did not start.

And in the left side you can see a nicer-looking forum that I recently started for product support and discussion for my latest project.

So I am interested if you would like me to set you up with a forum on your site for a fee? There could be a basic fee of say $100 and extra for customization, logo, initial posts, SEO, virtual mod profiles etc.

Looking forward to your responses ...