Hello guys!

My friend owns a SEO company and forum and I am his assistant and moderator of the forum, and I will be the one who manage the service provider's performance. I need only one or two forum posters and bloggers at the same time.

You will post on our forum and blogs which talks about SEO, copywriting, affiliate and PPC programs, keywords, etc.


Forum posting:
1. Must be relevant to the categories given in our forum.
2. No spamming, bumping or double posts.
3. Edit your profile completely along with your picture.
4. No one or two word posts like "Thank You", "I'm interested", "lol", bla bla bla.
5. At least 20 words for threads and 15 words for replies.
6. Multiple accounts are allowed for cloning (it can be counted to your number of posts)
7. Start with at least 30 posts daily for a rate of $0.10 per post and no limit for maximum. If you have multiple accounts, you can combine them to let me know the stats.
8. Good English grammar.

1. Must be relevant to the categories given in our blog.
2. At least 300 to 500 words.
3. Only post a maximum of 3 blogs daily for $1 per blog entry.
4. Multiple accounts are allowed for cloning and commenting on blogs (it can be counted to your number of posts and comments. We pay $0.10 per comment on blogs and news updates.
5. Attaching links and videos are allowed within the content.
6. Good English grammar.

We will pay you by Paypal weekly. Although this could not guarantee you much earnings, but we guarantee you a long term opportunity if you do well. Currently we are still developing to get into the competition of other SEO blogs and forums. If you do well, and our site got improved, you may have a chance that your earnings will be increased.

You help us, and we help you too. So let's cooperate each other if you're serious enough to take this forum posting and blogging job on our SEO site. Only those who have knowledge about SEO and good feedbacks and high iTraders from other clients can apply, not really recommended but an advantage.

We need to hire at least two. So get your slots now for a long term job opportunity. Cheers!