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Thread: Forum Posters Wanted For Webmaster, Web Design, Web Marketing

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    Forum Posters Wanted For Webmaster, Web Design, Web Marketing

    Forum Posters Wanted For Webmaster, Web Design, Web Marketing Forum.This is a brand new forum so posting will be light to start off with.

    I'm looking for people who:
    - speak fluent English
    - can make quality posts (10+ words)
    - are interested in web design, webmaster, internet marketing
    - various depths of knowledge in the above fields (everyone from beginners to experts are invited)
    - at least 35% of your posts must be new threads

    Pay rates are strictly $0.10 per post to start with. After the first 50 posts, I will definitely consider increasing the pay if the quality is good.

    I am not looking for a certain amount of posts right now. At the moment, the budget is unlimited. So, you are free to post as little or as many posts as you want. You can even post in the "Introduce Yourself" section and reply to three posts in there. Please make quality posts only.

    Payments will be made for quality posts only. Copy and paste posts will certainly not be paid and low quality posts (eg. "thanks" or "good post") will be not be paid for.

    You MUST NOT say that you are being paid to post.

    You don't have to do 50. I said as little or as many as you want. However, only after 50 posts will I reconsider the pay rate for you. So, don't write 20 quality posts and expect me to change your rate because I won't. I will pay for 20, but I won't budget on my rate after 20 posts. If this interests you go ahead and start posting. Come back here and PM me to let me know your forum username and paypal email address at the end of the week. Payments will be made once a week. Unless you want payment sooner.

    PM for Website link

    I promise fast payment.

    Strictly quality writers wanted.

  2. i am interested in this offer
    do pm me details plz

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    Jan 2010
    Sounds fair enough, could you PM me the details also, thanks

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    Sound good , please send me more details via pm

    Thank you

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    Thumbs up offer

    hello sir,

    I am interested in this offer. Kindly send pm me all the further details

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    did anybody received pm with details from him

  7. Do you still need some forum posters?

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