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Thread: Forum Profile backlinks+software very cheap don't miss it!

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    Forum Profile backlinks+software very cheap don't miss it!

    I am starting a new SEO service:
    Profile forums back link creation.
    What is different about my service?
    I am not going to talk about the impact of forum profiles back links have on your website rankings,
    As I am sure, since you opened this thread that you are already very aware of it!
    What I am going to talk instead, is the usual way we do approach this kind link building campaigns.
    We create tons and tons of profile pages linking back to our website with an anchor text,
    While this is definitely good for your site, have you ever wondered what is going to happen to those links afterwards?
    Well many of them will get deleted within few months and all you hard work will be vanished....!!!
    This is where my service is different from others,
    I am not only going to create profiles pages with anchor text to your website, but I will also create a Link wheel among all your profile pages linking all them together and finally, You will get your software to keep your profiles active posting new threads and gaining even more back links to your website!!!!
    I will include a free sample of the bot for you to test, at the end of this thread.

    Details of the service:

    * Create account to all forums
    * Create a yahoo email for accounts creation and submission
    * Validate all your forums accounts
    * Post a profile page per forum
    * Profile page with anchor text to your site
    * Profile with anchor text to other forums profiles created in order to create a link wheel
    * Receive a detailed report with all the back links created
    * You will have also all the user names and the password of the forums for further use
    * All forum profile pages will be pinged for faster indexing
    * Forum back links manager software to keep accounts alive and getting more back links

    Price and packages:

    Back link Forum Wheel Bronze Package100 Profiles-$25

    Back link Forum Wheel Silver Package200 Profiles- $40

    Back link Forum Wheel Gold Package400 Profiles- $70

    Back link Forum Wheel Platinum Package1000 Profiles- $150

    Software: 20$ per month

    Software Includes:Free updates

    One bronze package free for the first 3 month! (Worth 25$)

    I cannot post live links so for the following list download the attached .txt file

    Website: Link in the .txt file

    Email: Link in the .txt file

    Payment: Link in the .txt file

    Software free test:
    Link in the .txt file

    Virus Total scan: Link in the .txt file
    File name:
    Forum Backlinks Manager.rar
    Submission date:
    2011-02-11 12:45:52 (UTC)
    Current status:
    queued (#81) queued (#82) analysing finished
    1/ 43 (2.3%)

    Review copy: 2 free reviews to any mod or reputable member.


    Your software is infected!
    Ubot gives false positives read more here: Link in the .txt file.

    How long is going to take to deliver your service?
    3 to 7 days depending on package you choose and how busy I am.

    Forums are all different where the software is going to post?

    The software is going to post to the latest thread of the forum updated.

    What do you need from me in order to deliver this service?
    1. Up to 3 links from your website
    2. Up to 3 Keyword for anchor text
    3. Short description of your site (50-100 words) I will spinn it.

    What are success score of the software?
    Is about 50-60% of success rate, will improve with future updates and I will include new functions.

    Why are you giving away a package worth 25$ to subscribe monthly to a software that costs 20$ it a scam?

    My main goal of this project is (making money off
    To develop a software that will enable me to offer further services,
    You will see that the software is very raw, but it works...
    I have a my own custom made software and I would love to make a commercial version of it,
    The problem is that on my PC everything works....
    When developing software for the world now, you get all kind of problems..
    To cut it short I believe I will face many problems for at least for 2-3 months ahead, adding new features but
    In the meantime I can't ask you to be my beta testers paying for it, can I?
    I don't think is far,
    So you will pay only the profile links and also with a little discount...
    In the meantime (next 3 months), if my software got to a point where I feel comfortable asking money for it,
    I will, this way you will have your time to test the software and decide for yourself.

    Please post more questions on this thread and I will add them here.
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    Will take the review copy.


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    Quote Originally Posted by 5starpix View Post
    Will take the review copy.


    First Review copy gone to :5starpix

    I need to clarify a couple of thinghs:
    You can have up to 3 URL
    You can have up to 9 keywords total

    Please consider that in the submition I will randomly choose the anchor text for the back link, so I suggest you to use URLs with content of the same niche.

    Software new feature added.

    Messages are now spinnable.
    {Hi this is my{first post|second post}|Hello! This is my{first thread|second comment}}

    I used this syntax since is compatible with many rewriter softwares like
    The best spinner
    Magic article rewriter

    Quote Originally Posted by 5starpix View Post
    Will take the review copy.

    Just finished the service you requested
    You will find in your inbox the download link with all your files and software.
    Looking forward to your review.

    To all the members I still have a free review copy avalaible....
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    I received the article submission on time. I just didn't have the time to post a review right away.

    All the links were valid and they used my links accordingly. My description was spinned and the links were used in rotation, so that is a good thing. Great turn around time as well! You definitely get your money's worth!

    Thank you,

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    Thank you for your honest review.
    Did you have problems running the software?

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